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i will keep this short and not very personal.

if you feel you have a personal mission on earth then i will say its go time if you have not done so already. there may be a mass consciousness between us so im putting this message out there. listen to your intuition when it comes to the path of your own life. im sure you will agree that times are interesting.

i was looking at my job situation and my life in general. i seem to have two paths in front of me. one is going the path of fear. which could lead to hurting someone or self in some way. this is the forum so i will say hurting could mean anything like physical, emotional, or even someone going to prison. thankfully i seem to not be triggered easy. the other is the path of love and least resistance. i will save my thoughts on that but its mastering what i was put here to do. on a side not it would be interesting to have employment with a group or corporation no one knows about. the only tricky thing is to make noise to get noticed by them. not sure how i would do that and keep it legal. yeah what other job does a super soldier prefer if they are not with a secret group? hopefully i would get the attention of a good group or someone who is neutral. yes for me this post actually comes from personal job difficulties so im speaking of everything in general.

anyway its time to do what you do. hello to all the entities, creator beings, and secret groups/corporations. which is mentioned in this post. your brother in arms, the eclipse/commander bryant.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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