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im investigating being a actual mk ultra sleeper. these are my notes. sorry if this is sort of a second post on it. at least i have been around longer this time. thanks for taking a look.

1. my mom was a ex nun. that means the jesuits might know who i am. 2. im adopted and about two month are missing between being taken by child services and going to my final home. 3. when i went to my second foster care home i had a teddy in tow and i had a shot in my leg so i could not walk. most likely a vaccine. 4. there was at least one hospital that tested me. if i was involved with mk ultra hospital its metro health in cleveland. 5. i happen to be autistic. 6. i happen to be highly hypnotizable. 7. hard to knock out and my bones might be stronger then usual. i dunno but i was assaulted by an adult man at 14 by taking multiple punches on the side of my head. i was never knocked out. i have fallen on concrete stairs and landed on my elbow. light weight bone strength? 8. there was a time when the dr had to poke around in my nose.i might be unusually strong so  they had to hold me down with one adult on each limb. akward accident but i felt i should not go along as a kid.9. i had a crash where i walked away after the car was totaled. someone ran into me when they where turning left but then the paramedics where amazed i walked away from it. just had some cuts on my hand from the glass being broken. 10. able to walk about 3 hours before i have any pain. which i guess is unusual.  11. celtic genetics. i heard they used a lot of people with a germanic or celtic backround. even native american. 12. i was little in the 1980s. when the programs were in full swing. end of  the curious notes for now.

they most likely put me through a 20 and back if they messed with me. or my memory is extremely faulty somehow. its not like i remember years of mk ultra.

no real mk ultra memories so far. if i come across any other things i will add to it. thanks.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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