Now the politics of Kannabis

Last night had a bad 3d exchange with a 'girl' receptionist at a cannabis store. With my Soul Sister Self (we have to be rescued, saved) in this thing!!!!! The whole day trying to make it work prior, with the banks I mentioned yesterday as well. A whole big ordeal! WeedMaps moderator removed the post today. Here's the 'review' from WeedMaps, I posted and the email I sent back to WM. Technology difficulty with trying to repost on WM. They suggested to edit and repost in their automated response.

To: WeedMaps, Censored?? You guys have nerve, what part wasn't telling the truth, what's happening in the world now??

Please, tell me what was inappropriate?:
We are all adults here? The information in this post would indicate that you Weedmaps are treading an evil walk. I'm not letting this go. You gotta do what you gotta do, your either a Lover (Humanity) or a hater (evil, anti Humanity). Your tagged either way! Way rude too WM. Trying to repost, your email not sending to me to reset my password. That's ok, somehow, someway .......

Please indicate which part not ok?:

Hi, just to tell everyone out there this company is represented by a f*g bag receptionist (referring to actual evil, not a sexual oriented gender necessarily). And Nature's Cure is very misleading as to recreational cannabis dispensery (listed as a "marijuana dispensery", I screenshot it) on one website and "medical dispensery" on another. Came up 1st, on Weedmaps, as a recreational store in El Segundo search. Not clearly/boldly labeled as a med card only place. It says pre~ico/prop d compliant. Whatever that means. Basically, they pay extra taxes to stay open, to serve a Select group. The other legit stores (For The People, Humanity), forced to close, because of zoning?? Wasn't it already zoned before? Some are exercising as rec cannabis store, as the unnecessarily rude receptionist mentioned. This place isn't recreational cannabis. They are NOT cool either. I, having success with purchasing recreational cannabis, both on the east coast and here in Los Angeles (hometown), in the South Bay recently. I wasted my time going there. Greeted by the most obnausiating person. These peeps are Not cool in this polictical play with OUR medicine/'medicine'. Especially, in Los Angeles of all places?? Are you flipping joking?? We've been rock n roll, smoking pott for aeons here in LA. It's utter f*g polictical play. Trust me on this one, I've been dealing with it for a few years now. To the point where a store, a few months ago, on the east coast, delivered for free a 1/4, yes $80 worth to me, trying to get me to shop elsewhere!! No joke. This nonsense has to stop now! It's not a normal business, where they want to make money and provide decent society with a service. It's a total power play. I do not support this company. Way rude!!!!! Im watching this one. Hopefully, the owner of this company is legit. But really?? Not looking good

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