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In ALL seriousness with ALL Due Respect , Love and Utmost Regard to The Victims πŸ’ŸπŸ˜Š+* | Victories +*πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸŒŒ         there  !   I  commented on a  YT Video Buzzfeed Celeb for the Matrix with Keanu Reeves 5:26 Minutes 7|17|19 doing a cute Puppies n Me question n answer ( Adoptions too ) for the upcoming release of the Matrix . I saw the q n a , I liked it ,  I read the few comments n noticed again the mention of Keanu coming out as Immortal . So my comment got Highlighted two times , the other time after I added the jezebel reference  - with the Yin ~ Yang Distfunct n the flat earth matrix question in there too  ..

Anyway here is my comment from @7 |19|19  :

" Hi Keanu , are You coming out or did You come out as a Mortal | ImmortaL , like me ( ALL are that in a certain way too ) - a Natural Borne ImmortaL . I mean extraordinarily more than Normal People , with SuperPowers ?

I believe that Mutant X Men ' ....... are ReaL Im in Disclosure And I Write as a private citizen , ( Homemaker | Mommy........... ) on SuperSoldierForum N Elsewhere . I believe also there are two types of Shapeshifting . Natural Shapeshifting . And also Electro Solar Plasma+* Shifting in and ike Animation .

I believe we are Nature , the Earth is a Sphere - with ALL of Us in a horrid sadistic Matrix prison { On The Planet of Love ~ Center Axis of ALL Creation ~ Humanity } keeping Us ~ Nature In - Expoilted , Abused n Monopolized by trolls/evil mindz attached to Our Bodies N Existence as leech jezebelz | In Men N Women Appearance +* [ In KJV Bible too ] with Total Yin ~ Yang Disfunct ! And we are ALL in a HUGE mess here , as flat Earth '" too . "


* Sorry , I had to totally redit the introduction there  !

I added the Famous Album cover art of a Pulsar Resonance image  ( a picture of my t-shirt '" ) of the album titled                ~ Unknown Pleasures of Joy Division . Ian Kevin Curtis contributed  to His own passing in 1980 . Please Ian Curtis In Perpetual Peace ~ ALL Humanity ! His remaining bandmates carried on as New Order . Many Artists contributed with   Soft Disclosure '  Not In Vain  ~ ChristInLoveExistense ! Most of Joy Divisions Album Unknown Pleasures - I noticed the songs often referred  to mk ultra , milab,  cloning , hate Crimes ....... - with the background of the Nazi Germany . No Love Lost ( sometimes the lyrics edited out - of the sra , horrible +* ) , Dead SouLs , Transmission , Day of The Lords N Of course Love Will Tear Us Apart γ€ŠDivine 22 ~ Divine Division》 ~ Ceremony - "....... It has to happen this time ".........       

The Crow Movie [ * Something to that Black Hole Sun by Sound Garten song And that Video !  ?? ) . I heard And had more  to that ........ And obviously also more what Occurred there too  ! The movie with Brandon Lee , Bruce Lees son mysteriously killed too , on set . One of the songs in the films soundtrack is Joy Divisions  ~ Dead SouLs covered by Nine Inch Nails ( all of it is Horrible ) ~ Perpetual Christ In Love N Peace ~ Humanity + πŸ’œπŸ’™ 🌌 πŸ¦‹ 😊 πŸ’Ÿ ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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