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Please find attached pics from my profile wall of things and stuff I'm into here on S.S.F. The other day here on my profile wall I noticed something strange, a couple of the pics were altered! The statue one of IsIs/Maat is changed. Particularly the eyes (and nose sticking out more it seemed). I checked on my screenshot device file and saw it was different!!!! Took screenshots of my device screenshots filed to post here in comparison to my now altered picture of IsIs/Maat on my wall. Today when wanting to post the screenshots, it was missing on my most recent shots. Luckily I was able to find again.       I don't know how they are doing it with the imagary and the mobile device tech?

Now for another most offensive, the picture of Pre-Earth Heavenly Mother, of True Heaven Venus (the picture of the Lady with LoveLight beaming). She was totally  English looking originally on the picture and Incarnation. Now she is looking ''gmo'ed' Hispanic. For those of you who are into real English, real Hispanic, real Swedish, real German, etc....... This would not be a good sign to what is happening. I personally have several bloodlines and I'm not predujiced. This is wrong to do. It reflects hatred and  It better stop now in ALL Moments of Space and Spaces! Maybe 5 entites of the Pre-Earth Cosmic age after the Elemental (s) Nature beginning. The evil stemming from one entity. They have to be put down in karma tech now, to their evil minds only, not to the flesh and Souls of the victims there holding the evil minds up. I don't see how the f*gg*try is going to stop otherwise! The All Universe is falling apart with the infectors having any power. Nature is totally going disfunct.

I don't know if the images are transferring well, the pics keep on changing as Im trying to post them even! Utterly insane! In real time, it's like a team with time tech and computer image manipulation tech to change the pics. How STUPID! The IsIs/Maat statue last on my profile wall had very defined black lines around Her eyes (initially the original pic didn't), I tired to post it here, apparently to no avail? Different from the ones here on this post. They are just idiots thinking that their play is without the hefty price tag. Wow, this is what life is about for them? How immature and caustic cheeseball!!!!!!



*Also today, they were able to rearrange my attached pics on Gmail. I wrote on the email, "the 4th pic down".              After I sent the email, the email rearranged the attached pics, to misplace the 4th pic to the 2nd pic position! How crazy huh? Unbelievable! Has this happened to you guys yet?  Everyday they have new tech in 3D and other D's, how is that being allowed?


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  • Screenshot_20180529-135537~3
  • 20180529_140029-COLLAGE: Here a collage I made to show but they blurred it
  • Screenshot_20180529-135018
  • Screenshot_20180527-125714: Different
  • Screenshot_20180527-125907: Different
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Two weird moments have happened recently.

First was the hat of Camilla (at the not so Royal wedding) changed from one day to the next. It used to be this really stupid hat that looked like ham slices arranged in a square with sprigs of parsley and 5 mandarins. Now it is a tasteful pink feathery hat. My hubby also saw the ham one so I wasn't dreaming. He thought it was ugly too.

Second was I was watching a woman on a YT video and I paused it. When I resumed, her top had become blue lace instead of being black voile over a camisole.

Is this the Mandela effect gone mental?  I have been seeing this since 2012 but it seems to be more obvious now.

My thoughts also seem to be manifesting much quicker now. I am having to be very careful what i think.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

Did you get to see the James Bond feature, with Roger Moore and       Lois Chiles in ~ Moonraker (1979)? The mandela effect? When jaws (the giant metal mouthed Brut villian) first meets the petite 'girl', blonde, pig tails and  her metal mouth (with dental braces) ......They both meet in that scene with her braces' n jaws' metal mouth too, together.......glimmering with their googly eyes in sync, the 'perfect matching couple',  the golden shot, hysterical ?? 

Now (mandela) gone with the 'girl' shown without her braces, without the perfect funny scene.

Come now, who is doing this stupid stuff? All that effort even, for what reason? hate? How and why is this happening? Its not funny anymore!

Peace Be Safe🐶

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