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Do you guys know anything about different timelines where other races and religions ruled the world.

Like I am having things coming to my mind.

All the different timelines talked by secret space program people are about white people ruling the world and nazi timelines.

But why is their no talk about other timelines.

For example:

1) The timeline where Black people ruled the world. Black people made guns before the Europeans. Then they enslaved white people. I think they're also trying to do soft disclosure about this timeline. Netflix had a trailer out on this show.

2) The buddhist timeline where the buddhist weren't peaceful but violent and conquered vasts lands and they rule that timeline.

3) The timeline there muslims just went around and went on a mass genocide spree all through europe, south asia, and china. They forcefully converted everyone in their way.

4) The timeline where the chinese ruled. They conquered, america before anyone else. They carried out mass genocides of the native americans.

5) Timeline where hindus ruled and conquered europe, middle east and america.

6) This timeline jews ruled the world and they conquered africa, middle east, and america. They would try forcefully convert everyone to judaism.

We need more information on these different timelines. More people need to talk about this but we have nothing on these other timelines.

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I participated in the timeline where a sort of Buddhist cult controlled the world. I was used by the monks as a sort of holy receptacle for seed. The monks believed that suffering must be completely understood. They claimed that causing me harm gave them no pleasure, but that didn't stop them from hurting me. They believed that some people were born to take the pain of others, and they did this in lieu of self flagellation. They treated me well otherwise. I had food and clothing, but I was horribly disfigured with scarring.

Keep it tight homies

eclipse officially supports this post. i dont usually think about daily politics but timelines like this could happen. there is a umbrella corp timeline. hear me out now... in that timeline you where simply human and nothing else when your fighting zombies. same thing with fighting a.i. like in terminator or any kind of walking undead in general. including monsters and werewolves. have a good one.

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