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Hi Eclipse, thanks for your kind reply and yes, I did delete the post as I should probably have written what I wrote in a PM, rather than in the forum, so I hoped that you'd get notified and be able to read it as the creator of the thread.

I guess to elaborate a little, Loreena's music can be used as a gateway to the broader consciousness around us and I find that if I am immersed in a city mindset and need to get out of it quickly, heading to a forest or even a botanic garden can be one of the fastest ways to tap in, and using Loreena's music as a 'bridge to the mystical' will really help, especially if you resonate with her magical tones. Her voice and music is so effective that it doesn't take much time at all to re-sync with what you already know and tap into the cacophony of communication all around you. Obviously a forest miles away from civilisation is infinitely better but sometimes we have to work with what we have and it can be much easier getting to a botanic garden or old park (with old trees) if your daily life is in the  electrosmog of a larger city.

As an interesting observation, it was from the ancient Celts and Picts where we get the phrase, "Touch wood," (meaning 'good luck' or 'God bless' or 'fingers crossed'), as those ancient folk (and modern, as the wisdom is passed from generation to generation) believed that when you died your spirit went into a tree, hence touch wood, touch the spirit... get in touch with spirit.

So when you're out in the forest, at the very least, be sure to place the palm of your hand on the trunk of a tree. Done in the right way and in the right time, with respect and reverence, you'll tap into the neural network of the forest... after that, the sky is the limit, as they say... although reading some of the threads on this site and forum, seems that there's no limits at all (!)

Avatar picture from: with commentary - "Hanami Planum is the third largest geological feature on Ceres, after Vendimia Planitia and the Samhain Catenae. It extends over 345 miles (555 kilometers). This image shows familiar features, such as Occator Crater, characterized both by bright material inside the crater and dark ejecta material outside."

Bright inside? Dark ejecta outside? Hmm...

@OleOle thanks for the reply. did you know energy vampires can feed on trees? i found out I'm an energy vamp of sorts. anyway, it's interesting what you said. yes, there is something connected to the celts and the trees. like the word holy wood. well guess where they got Hollywood,ca from. yeah, the forum is open enough to demonstrate very little limits. anyway, it seems some naturally can feel magic and nature. maybe it can be developed to.

in my case I'm interested in magical teaching and concepts even though I'm shying away from rituals as we know them. anyway, I was told by a shaman that I have a druid vibe and it's no surprise that my genetics are pretty much Celtic. if one is in north America they may be able to catch the nature and magical vibe the native Americans had no matter what ethnicity they are.

i even have the magical in my dreams and subconscious. like how I might have spirit activity in my place but it pretty much stopped after I removed an object and also saw a Celtic knot when I was trying to rest. in that case I had to place a old picture face down in a ring of salt when I don't do rituals currently. also I had separate dreams of maleficent and Voldemort being my new parents. i don't even like the Voldemort character maybe because I'm adopted and feel an old magical vibe at times. feel free to post anything yourself. I'm personally short on the sacred sciences and feel the forum can use a little more sacred science and alchemy post. just an idea. of course anything super soldier or mk ultra fits the site theme. anyway I'm glad when someone can resonate with certain vibrations.

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8

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