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Hollywood is unraveling. So far the sexual assaults are coming out and Harvey Weinstein was taken down. I reflected back on Britney's alters and her glitch in her Diane Sawyer interview "Weird" seemed to be the trigger word. Then she displayed alternate persona's during her break down. There was Britney/British Girl/Diva/Weepy Girl and British Girl was the most out of place persona. Never was an explanation for that random accent and just recently I realized how odd it is that she displays multiple personas in her music videos, most obvious in Toxic and Womanizer but there were multiple Britney's in her Lucky music video too which strangely ended up incredibly prophetic.

I also found a new clip post the head shave, she looked at the camera and in the most fun baby voice and crazed smile she says "Believe everything you read, the world is so nice, the management knew what they were doing, they knew what they were doing. The world is just so nice!" Then she walks back in, I assume the rehab place is where she was at.

She did manage to leak her song Rebellion but they scrapped her Original Doll album completely.

And the paparazzi had to be paid and set up to drive her crazy like that. No other celebrity has ever had more than two or three paparazzi on them at a time, Britney was the only one that had about two dozen that chased her everywhere, even to the drive thru window and inside the store where they waited right outside the bathroom. I mean really, if it was normal for them to do that, they would have done it again, no ones offered them the money to.

They manage to kill Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and her son Danny Wayne, they killed Aaliyah and Brittany Murphy and Paul Walker, which I read that was suspicious, the news reporter called it a crime scene, the explosion came from the front and the engine was located in the back, dental records had to be used to ID them, Paul's father even said that his son wanted out.

Most recently Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, apparently suicide by hanging. Now we have to worry about Cardi B for speaking out. Wonder what ever happened to Tila Tequila, she talked about them and then vanished, gone.

They are even prepping Danielle Bregoli for a career! Yes this deserves it's own paragraph, how the hell are they going to make her anything? If you don't know her by name she is the "Cash Me Ousside" Dr. Phil girl. She has already put up a few songs under the name "Bhad Bhabie" and even had some little mini tour called "Bhanned In The USA" Ironically it was performed in the USA. She might have gone to Canada once but that's it. You can find her on youtube if you want to check out her songs and music videos she has made.

Oddly Lady Gaga has been out of the picture for a bit and Katy Perry had a meltdown on stage. Beyonce and Taylor Swift though being the good girls like they are supposed to. Bad people behind Hollywood. One thing is for sure, you can tell who is highly valuable to them, Britney survived and they got her back under control, though is that really better? Imprisoned in her home, they are the only people she gets to see? Only allowed out for work purposes and constantly monitored?

She might beg for death, especially when she cherished freedom so much but for now she is all smiles in public appearances, and the awful plastic surgery. Wonder why they had to ruin her perfect face for? I guess they needed Beyonce and Lady Gaga to be prettier to outshine her.

New theory? Donald Trump is their puppet, perfect thing to do to get closer to making NWO happen, that is why he tweets everything and rarely gets on the news, I bet. After all the election has always been simple, the one with the most votes from the people wins but now suddenly the electoral collage stomps the vote of the people? And his wife, she waits to move into the white house because of her kid? Michelle didn't wait and they had kids. Something is off about all this.

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About Trump and the White House. Melanie did wait to bring the kids. Supposedly she would not go there until they had an exorcism. I Kid you not.

Remember when the previous administration remodeled the White House before leaving. Then Trump did another renovation and went on vacation suddenly? He was at his place in Florida the first year he was pres.

Supposedly that was because the deep staters inserted some tech to spy and try to take him out. But I guess time will tell. I am always ready for the NWO. Escape routes and everything. But they will more than likely find the Super Soldiers first. Or maybe later because we are probably tracked. 

Last year my ops friend and i visited a cloning center that was in full swing. The queen and hubby were there....celebrities in the "stands". I passed a message to her....that they had gone too far and it's over. Let it're done. She was livid and they both wanted to kill me....but they weren't allowed to touch me. The celebrities in teh stands witnessed this.....they heard it all and it gave them what they needed to move forward and free themselves and others from that hell they are trapped in. Things are kept very quiet these days....much confusion owing to the timelines we are hopping about in.  

No fear....heart is the only reality...heart is true self is alien self is spirit/energy LOVE.... 


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