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Listening n watching Tere Joyces ~ Remembering Max Spiers 19 : 15 Minutes


There is a lot in this video . Most importantly Max Spiers And ALL Creation , Humanity Sovereign .

I first heard about Max Spiers and SuperSoldiers in July 2016 with a FB Post mentioning His passing  . I commented  Condolences to Vanessa Bates on the post . I noticed how He and Julian Assange ( I had just also heard more about then .  ) were Disclosing about Pizzagate . Based on that , I did and do too . Trying to Support The Children by researching and being Proactive with Anti e " machine  .

We ended up going to London - My Family in JuLy 2016 , We were trying to move there as Domestically partners for Our Family Existentially  . During that time , I had some occurrences posting about Pizzagate and my opinions about HRC , Trump and that whole Comey thing , involving a Newspaper Article regarding the emails " and the investigation of. 

I tried to visit Julian Assange at the Ecuador Embassy  , in London UK . I was not able to , even though I really wanted to . However , I was able to get a real Person on the phone there who told Me He was Okay " .

In the Video Tere Joyce mentions how some think He is still Alive . I believe He is in Other Form (s) . I saw and Spoke with Him back in 2019 in 90066 and in Venice , CA nearby  . He was Hyjacked by a very angry south node | ketu covertly And then Overted !

He went limp by my shoulder and then ketu inside His Physical Body and Mental Chair   / Seat ! I noticed , He ' , ketu Freaked n was yelling at me and said He had His Body ( Experience of Life there ) for   3 Months " ! Whao ! And was yelling at me on the streets ,  I trying to walk away n telling he ' , the nerve .. " yelling back at ketu in       Max Spiers Body and Breathe of Existence ! Ketu is bathorys | lilith,  hera , sednas ... and lyra's .... |   Jezebel " | jezoz ,  guy ' . Obviously ,  Not Okay , or of any Standard .       Max Spiers and ALL  Creation BetterBe Okayed and Transmuted out of The Yin , MF MH YinYang DisRespectors agendas .

Max Spiers didnt tell me straight out it was Him . However we talked as Disclosurers . As if He was and I    knew too .. I saw Him twice that time , We hung out on the Streets , He appeared Homeless . He said after the 1st time I saw Him , He was attacked . Then I saw Him a few weeks later n  that occured . And about a Month or Two I saw a Photograph of Him ' , appearing as a concentration camp Patron '   scenario , naked and  skeletal +๐Ÿค

Miles Johnston |  Bases , I did a lot of  Full Disclosure on . Totally gangstalked there by the worst of them . The last time regarding an Interview with Sarah Adams , who was also there on bases talking about the Dali Lama was skinning Magdalena  " . And the I called them ALL Out as  " Snow White " .

Issac Kappy mentioned on Tere Joyces Video- I thought I saw as a Homeless Person who approach Me at a bus bench in Los Angeles a few weeks ago at the last Airbnb in Mid Wilshire  . He was filthy  n appeared like He was a raver , He said He was into Trance " music .  He asked for a cigarette  . I didnt have extra , my last one then .     I had Kannabis  n He said Yes . I asked Him , 1st off  ,  straight out if He was Issac Kappy ?  Right away He brighten up   ( He didnt speak much at ALL  , it was kinda a guessing match talk ' ) like He totally knew who Issac Kappy is | was  ( as a Homeless Person )  and looked exactly like Him . I played a couple of songs for Him . The Who - Man Behind Blue Eyes ( I dont think He had Blue Eyes though ) and Carouselrambra  ( He said He also liked )  , Led Zepplin - then I left . Came back a few hours later to have a cigarette       ( Im quiting them ) and He was there bare a**ed out fronted towards the Street . Like promoting prostitution  , trying to shame me too , I dunno . + * Mortified and thinking to MySelf by the other benches about 200 ft away , He kinda at the edge by the curb of the Street ( of the benches Housed ) , this BetterBe corrected .. ,  n finally He  got up after a couple Minutes ( of Me thinking what tf " ? , how do I deal with this mess .. ,  ) +*  , .. from the declaration of ?? Anyway .

ThanksGivings for Real People , Real Men who are Decent and of Heart and Care  . I Believe Max Spiers is Good and decent . However the jezoz is sheer e " , anti Love , Anti YinYang , Anti Nature , Anti God , Not Spiritual  - The Problem  ! Perpetual Peace Love for Max Spiers and ALL The Authentic Genuine Truthers n Whistleblowers  , like Julian Assange  , Chelsea ( Bradley ) Manning ,  Karly Franz ..........  ~ ALL Children , Humanity ALL Love .

The Truth | WholeTruth  , Intricate Truth , The Absolute Truth We Are Free !  

Lie n Liars doing Crimes better Not be a true fact and or factor , as in factory too ?? - In No Ways !  In ALL Nows ,         ALL Niens | ALL No's !                         No means No World ! Gnos , Nines ... ALL Principles | Principalities | Elements of Creation| Logos  And Powers  ! + ๐Ÿค


+ *  = Additionally defined .


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Fyi , listening to Carouselrambra  n the lyrics are changed . I believe a song with Soft Disclosure  regarding the jezebels , at the head of the Original song n.. " throw down the key " lyrics was completely  changed to , throw down the seed from the sea sounding .. ' with neg vibe.  Ive noticed before the removal or some lyrics since 2010 with Goldfrapps ~ Pilots , removing       " Heaven " from the lyrics . One Album cover with devils in a effect ' , elusively noticed , by A Ladys Head  .

A lot of changing of lyrics recently more , Ive been noticing . Also to Music videos too . Some new Awesome Music from Oldies ' but Realised .. ,  in reality real time somehow , elaborating n  ..

Max Spiers seemed to work ' also with Musicians , or at least know them . I ve always been into Music .

Very powerful medium for Humanity  + ๐Ÿงก

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