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“Practical Witchery!”

An Esoteric Exposition

By John Stormm


I am currently more than halfway through my full length book on the exposition of the aspects and premises of Old Craft witchery.  If it came in a hard copy, I believe it would be the kind of book that could be found on the bookshelves of ANY and every practicing witch, wizard or philosophical soul.  Eventually, as I get it all finished, and polished, and get all the proper accounts set up, to allow it to be sold in the general marketplace; I’ll release it for sale at an easy and appropriate price to the general public.  HOWEVER:  To those of you, who are in some aspects of craft, or simply interested in being: “Wise as serpents, and harmless as doves,” as the Bible admonishes:  This book can be accessed and downloaded, such as it is now, FREELY to any who are interested in understanding more about our common roots and the wisdom of our ancestors.


This can be downloaded to read on your E-readers, laptops, or PC.  It comes with full color pictures and illustrations.  I understand that many of the witches among you, will be wanting to have a hardcopy or notebook form of this to access as you will.  Since, at this point you have my express permission to own your own FREE copies of this book, you also have my permission to copy it to your printers via the screen shots from your computer.  Simply find yourself an appropriate notebook binder.  Print out the pages in color to your printer.  Punch holes for your specific ring binders, and make your own printed copy of it with the author’s blessings.  Unless some publisher comes to me specifically to print this, with cash up front, as I am currently being ripped off of my royalties on the two novels that I already have out in print, I’m not going to go out of my way, or take on the expense of printing hard copies.  I can offer it much cheaper, and over a wider audience of readers as an e-book.


You’ll have to sign in to to take full advantage of the downloading of the books there.  There’s no charge for that.  There are another dozen or so of mine to be found there, besides the TENS OF THOUSANDS of other works, by other authors as well.  Do NOT ask ME how to download them or apply them to your specific systems.  I really wouldn’t know.  


Ask BookRix how to download and use your favorite e-books from them.  They have a knowledgeable staff for this.  If you have any tips for other readers, as to how you got and printed out your own copies:  You are VERY welcomed to share that with the other readers here on my Facebook page.  As long as you have the author and copyright holder’s express permission (that’s mine to use MY free books), then you are NOT breaking any laws that can get you into any trouble.


ALSO, if you love to write poetry or short stories, or even try your hands at full length novels:  Allow me to recommend BookRix as the best tool of choice, to hone your skills at writing.  You can share your works on your own Facebook pages.  You can enter any of MANY writing competitions that BookRix offers.  These are some of the very BEST, and highest paying amateur competitions that you’ll find ANYWHERE.  I have personally made over $1800 in cash and prizes directly from BookRix, in my first year there.  There are also options to put your better works up for sale as e-books to the wider general market, via BookRix.  You need to check with them for the details of how this can be done.  I am NOT an agent or sales person representing this company.  I am an author and a user of their services, and it has been a benefit to me.  So I’m sharing that information with YOU, to use as you will.


But as of the time of my writing this notice on Facebook, I have about 18 chapters, and about 260 pages of Practical Witchery with full color pictures and illustrations written, and 4 more chapters on my story board, and likely another 250 pages left to go to it.  I’ll be adding these more and more every week, as I finish them.  But I anticipate a long, cold winter coming, and many of you will have the time and the desire to get into this.  So, you can feel free to access this work-in-progress as you will, and even comment here as you may feel led to do.  We are in a period of time, where many of you are waking up to the fact that your entire world paradigm is not the half of what it pretends to be.  In this book, I am doing my level best NOT to teach you WHAT to memorize and think, but enlighten you as to how a proper witch (wise one) might think, according to the teachers that I had coming up in the craft of my ancestors (and some of YOURS too).


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