Hi Nate. Yeah, i've seen this craft hovering over my house and before i could get my phone to take a photo it was gone. I have seen mega activity at times here in Northern Ireland mostly orb activity. The dogs on farms for miles went nuts for hours. Also when the chemtrailing is heavy and HAARP is belting out i do believe i have seen craft hidden behind cloud formations. I have seen the very same in vids on YT etc so i know i'm not a nut job for sure. Take care Nate.  

These pics I took when we traveled through Texas, US, while driving (me as a passenger) back to California this April.   I  thought it looked like an intentional 'cloud mask' for disguising spacecraft. I've seen similar pics of before online. I was feeling maybe for a cigar shape one for some reason?? Even though it could cover/mask a disc or triangle shaped one easily 

There were about three. The clouds were defined more than usual, looking other than Natures' own making. I dunno,       I thought it looked suspicious.  My children thought I was crazy and I'm not. Everything I point out they usually discount as "crazy". From mk ultra , as they we're targeted too.  Brainwashed and mind controlled. When will it stop? If they have the tech to make spacecraft and cloud masks, etc.....  Do they have the heart *and/or heart mind/Spiritual LoveMind(s)* ❤ to Rescue Humanity?

The clouds are a lot larger and thicker than it looks on the pics. From my camera /mobile device:




* Means elaboration

IMG_20180406_151135IMG_20180406_150835IMG_20180406_150845The initial post on my interface shows my intended one with the three pics. With them included inside the post, the checked option.  How weird, did my last reply to you show your reply with one of the pics shown in the screenshot above? And/or is the one photo included as an attachment? Because now it shows as an attachment and as the screenshot within the body of the post.

Do you think the cloud looks like a 'cloud mask'?


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