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Hi Everyone here, I know I said I wasnt going to post here anymore because my content wasnt transfering here well and I couldn't manage the 3rd party tech 'play' n edits of my articles. However, I really feeL compelled to post this, about  Max Spiers who was/is a "SuperSoldier" who said He didn't like the title of SuperSoldier. Well I call them SuperSouLdiers~SuperSoldiers the Ones Being For Humanity the only thing worth It  in Existence . With your Heart (n HeartMind*) like Max said in His videos. 

In this preface I want to say How offending and saddening It was to  read on the UK's Gaurdian that a "Conspiracy Theorist" died of a ' drug overdose ' and massive pneumonia mentioned.  The fluid that was mentioned several times prior as "black liquid", is now changed to ' brown , tea color '.

I pictured Max Spiers in His last video, interview on the trampoline (trying to shake it off....)  under duress , it breaks my Heart. I cant imagine what His Mother felt seeing Him that way, as if He was still a young Boy playing. Obviously  He was not there.

I know He and They were trying to do Disclosure.  Pizzagate is the tip of the Iceberg regarding the most heinous primitive primary evil, is that  what is being respected there in that disinformation , the debauchery of Mankind and Humanity ? Does anyone care Here on SSF even ? Did you Guys all go rogue n rabid or something ? Is it looking Way Beyond Cheap to you Guys ??

Anyway, I will try to post my recent FB Post~Thread about Max Spiers from The Gaurdian below .........

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My recent FB Post~Thread on Max Spiers findings:

" The Gaurdian just reported a couple of days ago that Max Spiers death (assassination) was due to a drug overdose and massive pneumonia mentioned in a recent UK pathologist report. They pointing their fingers with the mishandling of Max's body by the Police in Poland. A drug overdose ?? I dont believe for a millisecond Ever ! Even though evidence and confirmation of drug use.

The 2 liters of "Black liquid " fluid' from his mouth is now changed to" brown, tea color .....vomit" in this 1/07/19 Gaurdian article. The emphasis on "conspiracy theorist" is more insulting.

Another article more recently from The Gaurdian 1/9/19 reporting on Max Speirs autopsy and with His Mother, Vanessa Bates response to the findings on the 1/7/19 article. Vanessa Bates mentioning the fluid discrepancy (which is now censored out of the 1/9/19 online Gaurdian article which I screenshot and tried to upload but it wont.* I was able to, notice in the red print " has previously heard" regarding the 2 litres of black liquid spilling out from His mouth, on the screenshot with the blue image. That was from the original article), and the shoddy investigation and autopsy of His body soon after His death.

His death occurred right after He was trying to expose pizzagate/pedogate and telling His Mother that He thought He was about to get murdered, to ".......investigate". As He was getting countered to His Disclosure of the Military Pedo/Pizzagate involving Supernatural Esoteric and Exoteric Nature with satanic and lucifarian sadistic practices.

And Now Spiritual Knowledge ~ Gnosis and Gnsotic
Sciences merging to look for Answers and Keys, The Whole Truth in Absolution .......The Truth Shall Set Us Free +๐Ÿ’™

Not In Vain ! RIP to Max Speirs , His Family And Humanity +๐Ÿ’— Christ Name

To All Truthers, WhilsterBlowers and Disclosurers , Humanity ~ In Absolution /In Truth We Are Free ! ~ Humanity  The OnLy Treasure Worth Existence For , The Only Treasure of ALL Treasures. 

** This keeps on getting censored out of this Post~Thread : In Max Spiers last video interview (in Poland 2016) :
" it was apparent He was under physical duress (He mentions it on the video) and He looks intoxicated.
I thought He looked like He was on heroin, knodding out. Which I just read His Mother said He used in the past. Whether He was Self medicating due to Extreme Stress of severe attack, by fault or by default we dont know. " * Maybe one day Max will tell us HimSelf emerging from His resilient and Triumphant Journey From For To Humanity ~ Providence and Posterity Love Conquers ALL +๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’™))))))))))

That would Be a DreamReaL worthy for The Macro ALL Universe in Christ Humanitys' Name ~
Father To The Most High AHMen AMen AHUniverse +๐Ÿ’–

It was very sad to see Him that way in the last Interview(s) and Disclosure videos in Poland, in any rate. I'm sure He was trying and doing His best. I Hope and Wish Not in Vain For Max Spiers ~ Humanity !
We cant afford to be literally swallowed up by evil (sadistic cancer and black holes) To ALL Universe+๐Ÿ’œ "


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From another comment on that Post~Thread I recently posted on my FB page regarding Max Spiers and the Pizzagate Issues. 

" Pizzagate, 'Fake News' and Aston Kutchers Organization to stop the Abuses. Mentioning software that He developed to locate and rescue Victims'/"Victories" assisting Goverment agencies and Law Enforcement.

About 800,000 reported missing Children each year in the USA alone, that was reported 15 years ago. The infection is very apparent in the eyes of Humanity on the public streets of this Earth , something has happened to Us , do you care , can you see through
the veil ? Now so covert/overtly saturated.

Thank You to the Ones that care and Do something about it ! We cant be swallowed up by that evil. Humanity +๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’— , Even +๐Ÿ–ค

By What If ~ Pizzagate the Real Trafficking Story
10:50 Minutes

Be Safe and Easy dont look the other way , Community, Communication(s), Unity and Support to help fix our Crisis. One person can make ALL the difference, however just One person cant do it by just themselve ! "

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