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Hi, I  was just wondering if anyone here is following the Corey Feldman situation? I know that Nate had posted about him a few months ago.  I couldnt find it here though. Seems like he was/is? having a difficult time with the pedogate/pizzagate cabal? Which I believe is part of  the primary ancient evil group (stemming from pre-Earth/Cosmic). There are conflicting convoluted accounts. Mostly him being discounted as a crazy (the usual tactic). Wendy Willams on tv said she believed he was  a road rage victim. Corey Feldman mentioned that the assaulters didn't ask for his car keys or wallet. He was forced off the freeway by his attackers after a dinner. TMZ reported he was hospitalized. However, no evidence of a stabbing despite Feldman saying he felt a stabbing of a sharp object that drew a little blood. Police not seeming supportive. From my experiences most police precincts seemed totally compromised. Very few real police officers. Very scary, I don't know how it is now. Whatever reason it is in regards to Corey Feldman, it seems to be a sign that you can't be too careful. This constant friction has to stop, we can't continue with antagonistic bullies. Max Spiers, Michael Casbolt, Douglas D. Dietrich, Julian Assange, Corey Feldman, etc. warned us about this group. Im constantly attacked too by them. It really seems like a gang of thugs who pick on WhistlerBlowers and we can't let them do that. It's so uncalled for and hate can not rule! 

Please be Safe in Jesus' ~ Jahs' names and Goddess' names ~ In All Sacred names not in pain or vain ~ 

Invictus Amore Amoramus ~ Amoramus Invictus Amore ~ Undefeatable Love We Adore Thee  ~ We Adore Thee Undefeatable Love ! ❤

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There is no doubt that Feldman has been abused in the usual Hellywood manner. Whether he sold his soul early on or was forced into this satanic cabalistic world it matters not right now. He has broken down as do most in his position as the life of abuse and debauchery takes it's toll eventually. For a very well detailed personal insider look at the standard practices etc in the movie industry i can suggest to go to this site; "indianinthemachine" . A woman involved in the industry for many yrs tells it like it is. And the alphabets are all in there as handlers and controllers etc. When you go to this site click on the thread below the air head who wants a kiss.  Slan tamaill

Hi CELTICSHAMAN365MHZ, thanks for the blog suggestion. I vaguely remember seeing this blog a few years back. II wasn't able to get to the entries though to see.

As far as things happening the way they are, its totally unacceptable. People falling thru the cracks of an unfair set-up. It's really hit and miss, duck duck goose, hunger games and bad listing, now by 'A.I'. too ??  Synthetic Intelligence, Mind Control and it's falling apart with all these mad sciences and scientists. Its not supposed to be like this.

I'm was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ive worked in that business and my ex's family in it. The sadistic dark pedo Hollywood scene is not the real Los Angeles and it's people. It's been hyjacked, symbolic of Humanity. Hollywood was supposed to be Holywood. Film with purpose and a good message for Humanity. Always the good wins! Happily ever after would be the ending of course! It's horrible what has happened. It can't be a bad ending in reality!

There is really no overt real formal administration of Humanity. Im talking Earthly and InterGalactic, Heavenly (True Heaven). I am really missing the Community support for what's happening to everyone and everything. It's definitely not comforting and we can't afford it. Anyone who assumes responsibility for whistleblowing should be supported. It's not safe to and it really needs to be said especially now. Hopefully it fosters Unity and Support.

Unfortunately, most people are too scared to say anything. It's really hitting the fan too, covertly and overtly! Its utterly insane unfortunately. Its seems like a miracle we are still somewhat afloat. Thanks to the Unseen Ones who make and made it So! Somehow. It for sure takes more than one person. One can't do it alone. It truly takes a village (A Macro Universe) so to speak.

Anyway, I hope and wish Corey Feldman and All Humanity makes it pass the disfunction ASAP.   The dialogue is definitely lacking and it really has to be seriously discussed at least. Thanks to the Communications and Good Techies. The Truth Shall Set Us Free? I hope and wish So! We can't coward down. Existence is not a game as some may think.  Thanks for the response. There's actually someone out there. Not meaning to sound facetious. 

In Jesus' Names and Goddess' Names and ALL Sacred Names ALL Universe and Universes', Macros and Micros, ALL Moment of Space and Spaces, ALL Infinity, Love Rules AHMen Amen ALLMen ALLBeing that made and make it So!

➕ ❤

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Last night, I just watched a video that Coey Feldman put out recently. I wanted to post it here. His own account of the his stabbing that recently occurred. He shows hospital paperwork on the short video, stating how to care for his injury. procedures and tests given. So he must of had some injury for the hospital to treat him. He said they measured his wound with a device. He said he gave a video to TMZ. I didn't see this on TMZ. He said it takes up to 6 months for AIDS to show up in a test. He was offered an anti-Aids pill too. I think he declined it because it supposedly makes you sick. The YT video was disabled and now removed from my YT History even. Very stupid. How are adults doing this?? I don't know, all I know it's beyond stupid with also the Mind Control and Programs, Synthetic Intel. by the programers that could be way crazy stupid too. It has to stop! Freedom of Speech should be Respected. Especially now of ALL Moments Of Space and Spaces! Come on you guys, really?

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He must of did something bad for them to do something like that. A bit extreme if they were just trying to scare him. No surprise the police weren't active and involved, they allowed over two dozen men to stalk a girl all over LA just all the camera flashing, should of been considered assault, could of physically harmed her.

The cops are in their pockets getting paid that money and so long as they have that, they look the other way. They don't even investigate anyones death.

Paul Walker wanted out, his dad even said so. The car blew up at the front and the engine was in the back, they hit a tree and a light pole it wouldn't of made the car go boom, likely an explosive.

The best you can do is get out of there at the first opportunity and vanish to any one of these regular states, Montana would be a good choice.

........I think you are refering to Corey Feldman. Very complicated to say in one statement. I believe C.F. is part of a Pre-Earth elemental Soul Lineage and/or Line. A victim and most likely a victimizer by default and/or a circumstancial unfair'survival game'. Himself against Himself (HimSelves). Which is insanely evil!  mk ultra.

The same thugs that we're gang stalking him (and me too), and everyone and everything literally. - trying to bravely and/or psyoping(??) Them Out.   He like many WhitsleBlowers. Like C.F. did in the 80's. Trying to out them out then, the cops only wanted to procecute his friend Michael Jackson (an Avatar abuse case). He said his friend Michael Jackson was innocent. C.F. told them to get the real criminals and the cops were not interested in the criminals! ** I  saw this on a YT video with C.F. explaining this, recently. 'They'  are the same group of thugs (mostly Archon). From spaceships ''playin disrespect games'. They are able to easily pop in and out of this Planet Earth, even for a few minutes in 3d. Not joking!

The Police stations and precincts, even the government organizations were/still are?? totally saturated.

I personally in 3d witnessed a take over in front me and my ex. My ex was keeping my SSI check from me and asked him to take us to the Police Station, we were in the car driving in Hollywood. The Police Officers (2) at the front desk were stone cold, suspicious acting, when we arrived. Their badge numbers didn't match the badge numbers they gave me when I asked (after a few odd exchanges)  the other reception - Officer,  I asked if he could be my witness (he said No), the domestic abuse hotline number they gave me was out of order (when I called just outside the police station lobby (I told them), the only one number they gave me, on a pamphlet). No domestic abuse sineage/adverts as usual posted in the lobby of the Hollywood Police Station. The cops telling me a few X's, to go to court and get a Divorce. I didn't because the Courts, prior and after were a total mockery too!!!! Then somehow, out comes ,the "temporary, substitute Sargent, '...Im substituting......I don't know how Im here doing this', with an uncomfortable awkward smile. Just as he said that, another uniformed Officer is escorting the hostages/ Policemen and Policewomen about 9 all together. I dont recall if they were cuffed but they were huddled together. They we're returned back to the enclosed area just behind the front lobby reception of the precinct.  ** Where they were apparantly there the whole time we were up front at the desk (about 10 minutes prior to when they were brought out ** Then my ex (I'm still trying to Divorce since 2010, and this happened about 2014ish) my ex makes the comment to the Police who was dealing with us the most, chuckling........ something like, 'maybe we should call the hospital', joking as we were ready to leave.    The Officer didn't really respond.

Another event (this was a several months after the H.P. one, I mentioned above). It was the * Olympic Community Police Station near Korea Town, Los Angeles. I took the bus at night. I was complaining to myself, why isn't there a bus stop right in front of the Station. It's dangerous too in that area.  I made I mental note and didn't see any bus stops in front or near the Police Station. Anyway I went in, the Officers were decent. I showed the Sargent on duty the evidence of a connected matter with my live-withs at the time. Gave me the business card to the upstairs Private Investigation Unit. So I went back the next day. Beyond rude, ** too stupid, I don't even want to waste my time recanting **.  It was a gang stalking thing! Totally not even real cops.  One faux cop in uniform in the government precinct (**there were two up there) had to personally escort me from upstairs out the front door.

*** Oh this is something too, the bus thing I mentioned above, there was a bus stop and bench!! ** when I came out, right in front of the Police Station ** !!!!!!! Directly in front of the station when I walked out from the 1st initial visit there!   I know I didn't see it there before I went in.** Remember, I had made a mental note prior to my visiting, and I would have definitely  have seen it standing   X  the street viewing and in front of, pissy about it, making that observation and looking up n down the street and making a mental note.

I felt it was Heavens' Crew/Engineers who LoveMagically manifested it! People we're 'coming off work' at 11p-12a- ish, taking the bus home?? I don't know but it was and still surreal but very real! I have seen a lot of other tech ** but not the full circle engineering in such a quick amount time (I was at the Police Station for about 15 minutes. But I don't think they have the energy to                     *** Counter, Correct and Conquer Everything! (the relentless evil extremeties/extreme duality **

These type of things has happened to me with several precintcs in Los Angeles, Portland, OR and other formal organizations, including London Police (in 2016), ** I was incarceration/hospitalized for about a month and a half there.  (Im from the US). A lot of Familiars (Some Soul Family , some not) there. And "Galactic Clipboard" (I dubbed -  the evil machine company, pre- Earth 'bapht') was there too (**and some crew! **

Some Officers are good and try (but it's so compromised, and they click on and off literally, like a ball point pen top clicker, I've seen them joke about it, with the pen n their thumbs clickin. It's utterly insane. One guy, I saw this at Court,     (I think it was a possible rescue of me), he was motioning his fingers n thumb (without the pen, "you guys are crazy"!,         talking to the guy next to me, after my Court seesion was over and they were about to drive me back to the hospital/incarceration).  I noticed prior, there inside the courthouse a few people doing this, clicking with an actual pen. ** The Huge Custom SUV (which looked like it could drive over houses, I was thinking, 'I can't go in that thing, as he said that').      I wasn't totally cognizant at the moment about my true situation.    I hope and wish he and they are okay now!!!!!!

We ALL have to be Rescued, Divine Division. No need for combat!

These Officers (and ALL Service Support) are of need and require Community Support. They and we are in crazy dichotomies.  The Support starts with Communication and Unity 💜


**  Would indicate added elaboration

🐅  🐆  🐯  🦁 .🐈 .🐆 .🐱 .🐺 .🐒



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What is happening with Johnny Depp? Does anyone know or care? 💥

 Just because he is really mixed in that scene, doesnt mean he is not the victim. I believe he is Someone who needs help. He might be falling apart with the infestation and/or 'die off' symptoms, who knows.?? He isn't looking well at All in a few of the recent pics. I am extremely concerned and worried about him. He is my All time favorite actor! I believe he was dupped too, maybe on some occasions. It would be a very bad mistake to let him go without trying to find out before something terrible. Some of these people have not only traumatic experience(ss ) t o cope with, there are implants, programs, mind control, 'loyalty card' games, hunger games (yes, even for a successful actor and rock n roller)

The J.D.  himself even! ??  ❤

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.........Britney Spears too, she just claimed ( I just saw on YT ) that Prince William is a Reptilian, Shapeshiifter. The YT video is from Watchman T.V. He said that Britney Spears said she had long term exchanges with him: phone, texting, Skyping and saw him too(??). Anyway, the YouTuber was also pointing out Britney was now cloned. Her body frame (hips) and face different. I noticed too. Justin Beiber too seems like he isnt doing well, even though he is part of a (highly questionable) Christian Church. There are a lot of churches that are bapht' agenda, the Catholic (the initial faux) and now they are duping and proprogandaing Christianity, with the plagerized name. Supposedly, Lady Gaga spoke out against IlluminitI just recently too,. 

Katy Perry's video during when she was doing that 24hr YT channel of herself. I saw a session with her and psychologist. It seemed like there were 5 + different agendas going on at the same time! Sadly, after K.P. said she just wanted to be her authentic self," Katherine" ....... The psychologist a couple of secs after she said that called her "Katy" (not Katherine)!. Many people are suffering now! How is it going to be fixed?  ❤

Anthony Bourdain RIP, is obviously very political with the pizzagate issue. I liked his shows, I used to watch. I saw a video recently which I thought had a good light on him, as general advise on a shortish YT video. I commented....... " He was "......simplistically profound....a contributor to Humanity..." (in regards to that particular video because we know about the other thing there (horror) that I don't have the whole story about right now. However, the other videos about his companion Asia and the pizzagate dots there. Comments from him regarding HRC just prior (I havent even read yet). Gematria connected the numbers to a sacrifice. Very scary!  I also read he wasn't really dead too  💜

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