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hi. so i did say i will keep the forum posted on things like abilities. well i started keeping track of one and i will try to keep this post digestible. im starting to keep track of time distortions which might be a invite to train for cronokinesis if i can figure it out. a big factor is believing in your ability. whatever it is. it can happen because one time i was waking up and i believed that i could fly until i fully woke up. one thing about time is that you need to be aware of the possibility of it happening for you to notice. i heard of this fact when i was learning about basic reality shifting in this life. you can learn more about reality shifting but you may run into reality scripting. which counts but its different. you go into another reality when scripting. if you want learn more about reality shifts check out people like Cynthia Sue Larson. anyway the following is the main reasons why i feel i might have a more natural gift with time. keep in mind any time ability i might have is still dormant but it was kind of worth posting.

first of all why do i have this possibility? well i have shifted timelines and realities by simply raising my vibration. i blame this on supposedly being a hybrid. in fact i have startled people like they did not expect for me to be there. this was after i stopped eating animals completely. so i feel that one may surprise others if you are not on the same vibration. at the same i guess you can shake hands with others in different vibrations, timelines, and similar realities. this kind of background can lead to time distortions. so here is a list of accidents that suggest i should keep my eyes open. this mentions dreams but dreams seem to be more real then one thinks. it at least deals with the subconscious. the list 1. once i dreamed that i told a young person what one advice i would give. it turned out that i wish i had more time. 2. one dream i time traveled to 1945. where i was collected by a intelligence agent. the location was about the west coast of america. im guessing san francisco. 3. this is where it went into this reality. so i dreamed i got a baseball that was hit from a stadium. i woke up to find that my ball was missing. it was just a real super bouncy ball. its missing to this day. 4. at this time of the writing i work in a kitchen. the place might actually have paranormal activity. something happened when i was there. the dining room music went up and down multiple time. then it stopped at the low setting. i was told by the only other person there that the volume nob was on the physical low setting when no one touched the music nob. later i told the person that it was a possible time distortion. when i attempted to say it someone crossed in front of me. with my hybrid condition someone crosses in front of me after i reached a personal mile stone. this is with the matrix theory but it made me think. that is about it for the post but what about groups?

well the reason could be about the hybrid condition i might have. the other reason could be the group called monarch soluitons. which have super soldiers and milabs. there is also the group called murg. or monarch umbrella refugee group. im not saying im with murg but time distortion is a attribute of murg. i will copy and past from the acio website so you can read. the website is on a side note this is why i feel agent keep a eye on me. i have seen a ninja like figure at least once in my life. this person was a super soldier and some sort of intelligence.

copy and paste section. Monarch: The earliest references to Monarch Corporation date as far back as 6000 years ago. The ACIO considers Monarch corporation to be the oldest and worst conglomerate on the planet when it comes to overall negativity and ill intent towards humanity and the planet. Monarch currently has one specific goal: To create the ultimate slave system to control and dominate humanity. Their method of choice for achieving this is by means of space/time manipulation to shift aspects of our timeline and history as they see fit. We are not going to go into full detail on the mechanics of their technology here, but for anyone familiar with the technology behind the Montauk Project, you can imagine that Monarch has access to technologies that are leaps and bounds beyond this. The ACIO has confirmed that Monarch has used their space/time technology to achieve certain objectives, however as of the date of this writing, Monarch’s primary agenda of dominating humanity and the planet has been disarmed and neutralized to which we are happy to report. This has allowed our reality to return back to its normal flow of time and linear space. Soft disclosure references to Monarch can be found in the video game “Quantum Break” as well as the modern Godzilla films “Godzilla: King of all Monsters” and “Godzilla vs Kong”.

The MURG are a group of highly gifted young individuals who mainly consist of hybrids and cross breeds. These individuals were originally groomed and programmed by corporations such as Monarch and Umbrella to use highly enhanced psychic, paranormal, and superhuman abilities similar to what is seen in the the Umbrella Academy or X-Men series. Individuals within the MURG are typically put through dramatic levels of physical/mental abuse, mind control, and intense programming to the point that many of the members exhibit highly troubled mental states. At some point members of the MURG were able to escape their respective programming facilities and break free. In turn many of them have chosen to work together to begin working towards a more positive agenda while recovering from their previous traumas. Members of the M.U.R.G. have made soft disclosure appearances in various video games such as the Life is Strange video game series, The Last of Us, Mirrors Edge, and even the Resident Evil series. The group known as “The Fireflys” are a group of refugee doctors who have joined the MURG to manage space-time travel systems. To this day, the M.U.R.G. is generally known to have robust access to various space-time traveling systems which allow them to have considerable influence on planetary affairs.

thanks a bunch for reading and have a good one. - eclipse

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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