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Hi , I  think my comment is more Appropriate on SSF . A lot of references on the video (1:17:42 Minutes long ) to Esoterics and the fall-out .  :

In Absolution We Are Free+💗💙💥😊🌌))))))))))))))

" Hi Tere , I believe Michael A. (I'm too scared to even spell His full name out because of Max Spiers ....... ) . Is a very Old One from the Beginning when it was very much in Nature as One
Cloth ' ( kinda sort of , so to speak , The Individuals Element And Expression was Definite And Separate                   from frkm one anothers " , definitely the Primordial ether of too ....... ). The Beginning of Masculine| Man | God (Love) ...... With different People '" of Natures " Existence Expressed Naturally with a few individual Minds along with The Mother (Love , IsIs , Maat , .......) and eventually the stem of Cosmic node of evil | hate erectus . I believe M.A. in fairness was/ is (?) disfuncted by constant Proxy incarnations n by default (?) , hyjacked , compoundedly compromised n possibly be in confusion trying to get back to His Natural Affinity In Divinity in that issue of Set | Lucifer | Amun......... with Horus, Thoth | God The Creator | The Sun ~ The Son in constant battle over Creation (The jezebel | Yin ~ Yang Disfunct , the beginning of evil - Cosmic Universal Cannibalism n Vampirism ) , from Pre-Earth | Earth The And A Migration from Cosmic Universal evil .

When Horus lost ' His Right eye , it would represent His Rule , His Right Eye projecting , Commands . The Left Eye = right brain Hemisphere, Receptive, to See . Ra (the Good One , there was an evil one too , I believe by Proxy , default , even mind control back then too ) is Osiris, Adam , Mars ......ect. PAX = Is Horus , Adam (God proclaimed as 1st Man) and The Mother in Continuum n Momentum (of that particular schism for Humanity * ). The Jesuits IHS , is IsIs Horus N Set . The Enki n Enil thing , The Sumerians .......the same type dichotomy with a Hybridization of Yahweh then ( Marduk  ?  * ). Now Robots n Transhumanism , No Gender ? Yin~ Yang ????
Anti : Nature , Love , Children , Innocence, Decency , Society Civilization , Providence ~ Humanity | ALL Creation . Creation Is LoveMagical ~ Gods Expression And Specialty niche '" , OnLy One God N Only One of each of Us ! Not to be abused And polyfragmented ! Transmutated back to Authentic Genuine Life Full Circle , no evil mind trollz attached to Our Bodies N Existences here or Anywhere as jezebel/gmoed , Not of Flesh " with Our Flesh ' ( in KJV too) .
Divine Division +*

The medic staff with the two snakes could be the Both sides attempting to come together as Agreed , in a way - with the Crazy Crimes upon Creation , The Mother (Yin .....) ALL the Wars , Atrocities and SRAs.......... Some Staffs are with just one Snake . And there's Ophiucus - The Snake Handler the 13th sign NASA n US Navy (??) acknowledged a few years back (stemming from Egyptian Astrology ) . I think with ALL the resources , tech n strong minds we ALL can get past the hate n violence here . Make a platform n Plateau for Providence Producing directly Humanity . It's a Huge Universe to be Appropriated in Ombre fashion of Minds too . This Planet Earth is The Center axis of Creation ~ LoVe Humanity ( where it (the it/ evil followed n infected with form n Formula here And where it has to be stopped ) +💗💙💥🌌😊 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) "


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