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*UPDATE* Dave Corso is STILL ALIVE and is doing a bit better today but his location is being kept secret as Dave doesn't want to be bothered by phone calls or visits.

Good Afternoon All.



I received word this afternoon (12:57 pm England Time) that Dave Corso (with whom I created the name for "Wolf Spirit Radio" and also co-hosted with in 2011) has passed. Being in and dealing with MK-Ultra, he has had a rough go of it over the last several years. I ask that anyone who tuned into our shows back then and/or presently, Please Send Healing, Positive Thoughts & Love to Dave and His Family as he makes his transition to someplace much better than what he had to deal with down here. Eternal Thanks To You All. ~Roger


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"Dave Corso is in the hospital and in a unconscious state of mind. I am not sure what is wrong with him but he may be transitioning to the other side. I wish to send my love and prayers to him and his family. I also like to mention that Dave has shown a remarkable level of professionalism and integrity with wolf spirit radio and he will be dearly missed by me and many others if he decides to transition.  – James Rink"

He died july 27 is what I have read.  His appearance on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show is what prompted me into knowing and finding the others similar to me.  I may not be an MK Ultra, but I am an Elect Specimen.  I researched Duncan and read a book about James Casbolt.  I did an interview with Kerry Cassidy and I discovered that she was ignorant.  She refused to help me reach Casbolt claiming he was part of the "Cabal."  A fan of mine found James Rink for me, who is closer to my generation, He is a Milab which is different from an Elect Specimen.  I did an interview with James Rink and Casbolt before Casbolt went into the deep end with his revenge porn and female abuse.  I contacted Ben Murphy and John Stormm, both of them have accounts on this website and are in critical condition.  I will maintain this forum as long as I can and preserve their posts.  

Thank you, Nate. Seems everyone is leaving one way or another lately. 

I am milab myself, older gen milab. I'm in my 50s and stronger now than i've ever been in my life. My health was going the way of everyone else's seems to be doing. I left the US and became healthy again. 

Have you received any dna activations.....I"ve been hit twice by them. Very painful, thru the neck, base of the skull. 

As for James Casbolt aka Michael Prince....the real deal is off planet and has been for quite a while. What we have been dealing with are his clones. They don't even look the same. lol Some heavier, some light, some are bad and some just are. I don't hold anything against more than i would another milab in alter. Not them,not their fault.

I woke up after a fall that broke my back. They had me so far under memory loss..... it's a damned miracle i remember anything at all. 

Keep the faith for us. Nate. Keep everyone's stories alive. It is the least that can be done for them and future ones coming up. Each story deserves its own place in our memories. 


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