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Self Defense Against Criminal Activities

June 15, 2013 at 11:50pm

To the spying traitors of our Constitution:

     I don't care how you try to justify your crimes.  I know you're responsible for what happens to my computer when I access material that you do not approve of, and when I make known things you don't want known about the crimes in this country.  You should already know who and what I am.  If not, what you don't know, will certainly kill you.  I'm as serious an Ultra as was ever created by your Nazi monster makers.  I specialized in making "happy accidents", which you should understand that it means, that the majority of my clandestine marks died of apparent natural causes, or simple accidental deaths.  You might even know enough about me, even though Richard Helms had my personal files destroyed among the many others, to have some idea of how I tracked down my targets.  Chances are that information may be above your pay grade or security clearance.  Uncle Sam spent BILLIONS on remote viewing when I was an active Ultra.  You should understand that if there wasn't at least some bankable results of these studies, that they wouldn't have spent so much, or felt it necessary to destroy the files.  Allow me to enlighten you a little bit about how this works:  Just the fact that you spend so much time and intensity thinking about me, makes me aware of you.  It's hard to snipe a target that knows what you're up to and when the crosshairs are getting close.  You might even know something about my past record of hunting down my hunters.  I've been shot five times over the course of my life.  I never went down, and my shooters never lived long enough to take a second shot.  Maybe you're feeling luckier than they were.  But think long and hard about that.  While you're thinking about it, you should note how many of your associates on this job are expiring of accidents and other "natural causes".  If you're hunting Ultras like myself, it's only natural.  I'm sure you're not so craven as to be afraid of your own shadows.  But you should be.  I trained a great many of them.


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