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also a UFO was videotaped next to the towers, your guess is as good as mine


Conspiracy Theorists vs. The Chemically Stupid

August 13, 2011 at 10:16am


     Physics are not laws that are governed by anyone's legislative government. They work entirely independent of us all. When architects and engineers put their reputations on the line to say those towers came down by "controlled demolition", NOT from a random plane crash with any amount of jet fuel, they mean it's according to every law of physics they know and not due to any gullibility to conspiracy theories. Here's an easy experiment to try to see for yourself:

     Take (12) empty soda cans and (3) books. Set the cans at the corners of the books until you make a tower, three stories tall. Keep it simple because you are going to be knocking it down and setting it back up over and over again until you can make it come straight down into itself, just like all three buildings at Ground Zero came down. Set fire to it or practice taking out supports until it falls straight. You will learn that if any support fails in holding up those books even a split second before the rest of them, the tower will lean and fall in that direction. You will also learn that the ONLY way to make it fall straight down is to take out ALL FOUR supports at EXACTLY the same split second. If you actually get what is happening here, you will notice some other disturbing findings about this...

     First, those towers have over (40) such supporting structures per floor to remove simultaneously or any of those buildings would have crashed on its side! Secondly, with many dozens of floors (to our three floors), those intervening floors had to be pulverized before the floor above it could fall into its position. Perfect timing on every one of those floors! Thirdly, the official story is that an airplane crashing into them and the flaming jet fuel did all of this: Two random fires have never destroyed a SINGLE building like this ever and two towers came down, side by side on the same day. Fourthly: the third building (Building 7) was not even hit by a plane, but supposedly hit by flaming debris to catch fire. ALL THREE CAME DOWN PERFECTLY WITHIN THEIR OWN FOOTPRINTS!

     Before you claim everyone who smells a stink in all of this are deranged "Truthers"... you need to check your own math and physics and see where YOU stand on the derangement issues. A perfect THREE IN A ROW beggars the definition of "coincidence" and illustrates how blisteringly stupid Americans are in math and science.


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The debris including the steel beams were IMMEDIATELY trucked from Ground Zero to the port, loaded on a barge and shipped overseas for 'recycling' w/ no inspection nor analytical testing at all. Immediately. (Because they'd been rigged w/ Thermite which is easily detectable). I do believe it was China that received the material.


On september 11th, the world changed for the worst. Terror struck the United States September 11 was one of the saddest days in history. As everyone knows September 11, 2001 was the day that shook the world. It didn’t only affect the US but everyone around the world. The people in those buildings were not only Americans but people of every nationality. I don’t think that one person knew exactly how to react or think. This tragedy is something that should have never happened from the start. However, it did. Most of America can tell you that they remember exactly what they were doing & where they were on September 11th. Fortunately, for some children they were just too young to remember the devastating events that happened on this day. Even though it may seem as though many people lost their lives in these tragic events, we have to remember that hundreds and thousands were saved. However, weeks after thousands were estimated dead. What seems terrifying the most about this event is that a lot the workers or visitors who died had been at or above the point of impact. Not to mention the 200 people who jumped or ‘fell’ out to their deaths. It just makes me wonder, “How bad was it that jumping was the best option.” No one ever thought they would recover or heal from this. However, some people got there relief and revenge they may have wanted from the start when Osama bin Laden (the cruel terrorist that plotted 9/11) was shot and killed May 1, 2011. For some, this may not even be enough. However, I think some people are learning to cope with what has happened. Another way that is probably helping most cope with this tragedy is the memory pools and museum that was built on ground zero. The pools are the same width and length of the original towers. Around the pools are the names of all people that lost their lives from that tower. It’s an amazing and inspirational monument that last forever. A lot of remember September 11th, 2001 differently. Some remember it clear as day while others were too young to remember. It’s important that we don’t forget... The sacrifice of the men and women such as the firefighters, military and police who risked their life to save others. Let us also remember the attempt of one of the planes to fly into the White House and the plane that flew into the Pentagon. What is even more disturbing than people believing terrorists are responsible for these attacks is that many americans think that the government staged a false flag operation as an excuse to go to war for oil. Many conspiracy theorist such as Alex Jones believe that the government was behind the attacks. Even celebrities such as Chuck Norris back up this claim. Many of these conspiracy theorists support third parties and Ron Paul because they believe that the government is diabolical to large and keeping secrets from the general public. Some believe that a missile hit the Pentagon and that a plane could not have done that kind of damage without leaving traces of the aircraft behind. The other disturbing detail about that attack is that no one has footage of it. Out of the evidence that points to the government being responsible the most disturbing feature is how a building collapsed that was not hit by a plane. The building known as “Tower 7” collapsed without being hit by a plane. The official government explanation for this is that the vibration from the twin towers collapsing caused it to fall straight down. In the end it is up to the individual to make up their own mind about what really happened that day. It will never be forgotten. Was it radical terrorists or was it a conspiracy that was orchestrated by the people in power to gain more power and oil.

I noticed they don't come out and say that he was, maybe still is, head of the military psyops. He isn't fully retired, or they would pretty much leave him alone. But he is married to a zionist jew, Rima. She is a major hardass and his handler, too. He was programmed to believe they fell in love. When Rima told the story he looked confused about the whole thing. Didn't have anything to say about it. I understand that position too well. 


I wish i could remember more, Nate. My memories are punched with holes. He has a machine in his room that enhances psychic abilities, including astral projection. They used it on me many times.

Many years ago i had a dream/oob of movign to central america to help a general. That was all i knew. Next thing i know i am introduced to him online and he procured a passport for me in just an hour. I flew there with 30 some odd dollars in my pocket. The natural food deal they publicize is real to a point. It's not a farm. It's a backyard hothouse....2 small ones. He also owns a coffee finca which i worked on for a time. I coudln't give him the real help he wanted and needed. Rima was always there to block anything good i spoke with him about. I wish he coudl be free of the mind control. HE is a most honorable man. He loves humanity. But the mind control, the jobs they make him do are unconscionable. They have moved around the world sterilizing the indigenous people so they cease to exist.  I caught onto it and that is when his wife had their agent attack me. He is a bastard and a wind demon. 

Sadly the last time i met him face ot face, he ran from me. I had all but put his wife Rima in teh hospital for attackign me astrally. Their machines are no match for the real deal. I would love to see him again. and talk without her or the agent listenign in. At times his eyes, whites included, turn black when he is being controlled. 


I am still doing some digging but here is some things i have figured out,

'Silverstain' but a huge insurance policy on his precious buildings the twin towers not long before the attacks. He made a very hefty profit.

He was also in the process of being sued by millions for ASBESTOS throughout both towers because of the cheap materials he building them.

His pall "Rothskid" moved his company out of the building eerily close to the day of disaster.

Building 7 also collapsed this day although no airplane hit this building. 

They recycled the steel from all 3 of these buildings in record time, destroying all evidence

*names have been minimally altered*



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As I was trying to comment on this my bloody laptop was turned off. Grrr.

As I am a bit of a science geek I read something most people would have not seen a few years after 9/11, that will make some sense of what actually happened I think.

A science website reported that the Earth’s magnetotail had exhibited a huge hole in it and that the hole had been back tracked to Nth USA. The only way we could sustain damage like that is from a force outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

I believe a large mothership aimed a high tech weapon at the Twin towers; a demoleculiser of atoms-basically an acoustic frequency weapon that turned most of the twin towers to dust.

I have seen this weapon in another timeline-now redundant. These ships went back to 1987 from January 2012 to destroy mankind with this weapon. I have a recalled memory of people grabbing their ears in pain and then turning to dust in front of me when I was at my first job in SE London. Only a remnant was left, who all shared one thing they were of a certain bloodline and they hadn’t heard the terrible sound. Soon we were visited by Off worlders to help us become an Army to resist the ships. We learnt how to teleport and use telekinesis to bring the ships down. Humankind won.

There is also one other person who saw this and wrote a book, which I can’t remember atm.

So a mothership brought the twin towers down, the thermite was a ruse in case some one went sniffing and probably why the debris was sent to China or wherever. Because the weapon was deployed from outside the atmosphere, radiation was caught up with the beam and transferred to the dust, that the first responders inhaled and of which many died of cancer.

Has anyone heard of the Miracle of Stairwell B? A man survived, with only a broken arm, this weapon, where all the others were turned to dust because he was of that certain bloodline. I don’t know if the Enemy has worked out who is off this bloodline so I don’t want to tip them off. It is not the Karistus or Annunaki or hybrids but it does have something to do with a King and a limp and a shoulder of lamb.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

I remembered when that happened. I was dreaming during the time (I don't know if it was just before or just after it happened, in Pacific Time). My husband at the time, that morning was just starting a new job, it was my mom's birthday. And my dream was about me, in an elevator, in a office skyscraper, the elevator doors opened and I can see from the elevator, through the office window, showing another building, like the one I was in. The elevator doors shut, it went up, it opened again and I walked out into the short hallway, turned right to view an exploded wall, i walked back into the elevator, I think it went up and down a few, the end of the dream. Looking back, i felt like I was doing some energy work. I woke up and was seeing the newscast. Then a photo-op of Bush reading, on the very rare occasion with elementary children in class. His book upside down (I've seen this tape a few times). When he was informed about the event, he continued with the class. As if nothing happened, or was happening. I always had the intuition that they played a major part in it. Supposedly a sacrifice. Supposedly it was for the Gold that was held there. The actual Gold (God's element. I experienced about 2010, Pineal with physical sense) from that event , the Gold turned into the most painful feeling.  I think they were testing to see if the Gold was curable with me. They did that with immortal cancer too (Mars). The Bush family connections with A. Crowley. That would be Time/Satan with baphomet, overlaying him. I always suspected Barbara Bush (his mom) was Satan (before I knew anything), thinking what a effective disguise. I don't know how involved he is with all that now. I hope and wish that the unfair set-up won't take the innocent that fell through the cracks, so to speak. ��

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they also have a weapon that turns living flesh into stone. look around teh world google earth....human giants every where...they are the mountains and rock formations. all minerals, gems, metals are from their bodies....most were looking up hwen they were turned to stone...some are mistaken for carvings. Russia says this weapon was used on them recently....turned some soldiers to stone. 


eevie posted:

they also have a weapon that turns living flesh into stone. look around teh world google earth....human giants every where...they are the mountains and rock formations. all minerals, gems, metals are from their bodies....most were looking up hwen they were turned to stone...some are mistaken for carvings. Russia says this weapon was used on them recently....turned some soldiers to stone. 

Yes, was it you that made this general comment and I replied posted regarding, Mars as "The Sleeping Giant", in Kauai (If I remembered correctly)? I saw there, the "King" about 150 ft long form, laying onside the mountain. Heard telepathically, several years later, it's Mars. I requested 'turning into stone' tech, as a fail safe. Suggested by the mythology 'tales' of Medusa (baphomet/uma) in 2010, in the message forum of Global Voice 2010/"Drake". Read about the tech in a Russian article, link by a member of SSF, here in the thread regarding. They were probably looking up because that's where we come from Cosmically in Divine Sacred Nature. Our Cosmic Logos, Our Family. Are Our Friends Electric (Cosmic)? ~ Gary Numan ❤

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