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Just shooting the breeze Right now.

it's easy enough to talk about witnessing powers. but what if it's you that has them? I missed the timeline that has powers when I was born. However it looks like I can switch reality. Which gives me a possibility. I'm sure some of you have witnessed me talking about powers but I wanted to write down any future possible topics. I would put this in the members section if we had more activity.

This is about possible basic powers to look for in my life. even though it's hard to talk about without showing on video. If i mention any extreme/ comic book like powers for example energy projection or self multiplication it is most likely a lie in my case. Anyway here are my confusing possible basic powers.

1) reverse aging. healing factor might be related. Regenerating limbs is extreme.

2) telepathy. Defence against control is related. I Don't have the time to control others.

3) telekinesis. Flying is related. I had telekinesis in dreams. One time I thought I could fly but I was waking up. telekinesis is a gateway power.

4) umbrakinesis aka shadow control. I have that weaponized power in dreams. teleport can be related.

5) invisibility. the mind trick and immune to cameras. not actually invisible. I feel native Americans have done this before.

My fave idea is teleport or opening gates and stepping through. However that is over the top extreme for me at this time.

if I have to intent powers when I'm strong enough I will do telekinesis. Any other power is to esoteric or unlikely in this life time so I did not mention.

That's it for now. thanks for reading. I will mention something if any develops. Yet I will keep my head down in public because it's best.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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