Ever hear of a god, or a main character in a story? What if I told you there is little difference between the two? What if I told you that acquiring at least some form of power in the matrix is as simple as visualizing an archetype and becoming one with it? Well, for the most part it is. Some people on earth meet the requirements for becoming assimilated with the attributes of certain gods. Everyone else can become a lesser god. 

Pagans tend to mess this one up monumentally though. Worshiping a god is retarded, you'll burn for eternity to be sure. But becoming one with one, and adding to what the archetype is can influence the outcome of your development in unforeseen ways.

Becoming one with an archetype is actually quite simple. Visualize a god, then visualize it as a mask, then visualize putting the mask on. Now visualize that masking becoming your face. This will give you power necessary to change timelines in the beginning.

Be warned, if you merge with an archetype you're not ready for or don't vibrate with you are setting up for disaster. Each wearer of each mask is tested according to that archetype. The archetypes don't want a simple wearer who will become one with it, it wants a wearer who will take it to a new level and improve upon it's design.

If you do this utterly stupidly simple process... Then congratulations, you've taken your first true steps towards enlightenment. Otherwise be a retarded witch or pagan victim. Or a christian or atheist victim for that matter. It's all good for us, you're food either way for vampires and gods alike. Why not at least get some measure of control that you can? Have fun, and learn much from your travels.


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Interesting....going to work on that. Thank you.

Has to be similar to taking on attributes of an ancient former self. 


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