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hello. i thought i would create a log for myself. after all super soldier forum should be about people being themself.

my mission: is to be who im supposed to be in this life. in short, create my reality in a peaceful way. plus help others along the way. my condition: possible entity from source experiencing life with everyone else.

current log: i hoped to gather my thoughts in this post. i also hope to continue posts as i progress. until im another member who is out of the matrix. and yes ghost rider and molecule man have stated that they are out of the matrix. this post does not mean to belittle anyone. good luck on your own personal journey.

my abilities i experienced:                                                                                                   1) switching dimensions/ timelines/ vibration. i was born as an average human. in the average public. i also had different thinking but i was open minded. i never heard of super soldiers/ i thought powers and mutations did not exist/ and i was skeptical of ghosts/intuitive/and aliens. yet look where i am. after working on myself i have seen the Starseed culture/ new age culture/ and super soldiers. i have also talked to a few mutants on here. that was all totally cool! this is my main ability. if i develop sustain any ability it is because of this.

2) telepathy/intuition. i have experienced telepathy in an infant form.  it comes and goes but i would feel what others think and or feel. i have also done some intuition classes. please do follow your intuition/ the small voice. it will never steer you wrong. i did find out that some can invade your thoughts with willpower. with training, i was able to tell their thoughts from my own. im just going to say it will take an omega telepath to mess with me if anyone is able to mess with my mind via telepathy.

3) sneak! your friend eclipse can be a total cat burglar but that is not in the cards. the main experience is that i stopped eating meat and animals. so i have a hard time with this vibration. the thing is i have sneak after i stopped eating animals. like a friend expressed how i was a shadow in the corner of their eye. or i have walked up on people when they are not paying attention. people have wondered how i go from one place to another if they are paying attention to something else. lately, they have been giving me extra odd looks like how i look is changing or something. not sure what that is unless im an increasing anomaly in my current vibration. please note: i had my first look like i was a mutant or something. i was exiting a bathroom and the cafe and i bumped into someone entering. that was startling enough for him. later that morning he slipped on the floor and discovered i was in the booth he grabbed onto. he looked at me like wtf you again! he made a comment like did you see that? well, i bet he questioned if i made the floor slick with some kind of powers. as well as appear from thin air. sorry, i do not mess with water yet. that would be cool though.

4) immortality! well sorry to say but my suicide programming came up. i was "still breathing". i question if i simply lived by switching dimensions. in theory, i can remove my death day and just lay myself down when im ready. so perhaps i can actually live hundreds of years. perhaps i will be old enough to see cyberpunk and cooperation between et races. i just know its hard to pass before my time so if there is more to say this topic will come later. immortality my also come with reverse aging but that is an advanced willpower thing.

5) prana/air is food. im pretty much an energy vampire. energy from the environment. not other people. yet i have not been doing my exercises. well, the theory is it can power my intent and also possibly replace real food. it would be interesting to live on liquids and have enough strength to do so. this is simply a theory but feeding on prana is required if im going to use intent. which supposedly help complete my mission which is to create my life and find out who i am. note: im not built to live absent of both food and water

6) post update: hyper focus. i was debating on putting this. well lets say I have major focus when reading someone. trance like state. when I'm triggered or aggravated i will have a hyper focus in not a good way. in that state I'm semi disassociating and life feels like a dream. some super soldiers might have what I call hyperfocus. i have been told someone feels it when I overly focus when reading and I been told people feel it when I'm angry. i guess in that state I'm focused on only one target. i wonder if I'm able to detect multiple people in that state.

those are all the possible ability ideas worth mentioning. i will maybe mention more later. even if i develop very unusual things.

the current plan. sorry for this section but im just writing down my thoughts.

plan: to create a solid foundation. how to do so? 1) complete basic exercises daily 2) work on intent and visualization. feeling successful before bed is number one 3) work on keeping chi/body energy. especially resisting any and all adult activities unless its with my wife. 4) work on silencing the mind and being in the moment. 5) work on daily habits that set one up for success. including having higher standards then usual. 6) dont mind others and try to be chill. 7) be open to the impossible and anything happening.

well, that is it. if i progress far enough there will be a second log. thanks for reading this complicated case.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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