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The not my rabbit hole podcast with tere Joyce

many guests worth seeing!

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… The quick notes I wanted comment about were :

Kerry Cassidy ( a couple videos Ive seen ) She seemed hijacked the last recent video Ive seen .She seemed to be Not what I remembered Her demeaner to be . Seemed like She was in a party la la la land type of showing .

I Also agree  James Rink seemed hyjacked ( duped by ketu , satan , the d ) to Me too . In the video mentioned above . The real one was , seemed to be truly hoping that Santa Claus was real ( of course for The Good And  Wholesome , HoLy Way ⚪️ ) on a video with Peter I saw back in 2017 , I believe . He didn’t seem mocky or insincere . Inner Child hoping We are safe And protected And Everything In Our World makes sense somehow , even withe Santa Claus  , Sentiment .

ALL Gnostics Esoterics | Exoteric Correlations are for proven Intangible to Tangible . In 3d ( ALLLL D ) frome Intuition , Gut , Divine Mind And or Affiliation , and or Telepathy , Minds Eye ( Natural Pineal ) … Communion withe God And ALLLL .

* Most importantly for those who dont have Heart And Mind Passion to that level And scale of Gnosis Under , For And Withe   God , Word , Nature , ALLLL Creation , ALLLLL Universe , ALLLLL Absolutions - Free from Ehp Sra MachinE ! *+      
- Best used as a short form And consise Communication for Providence  Firmament , Gods Kingdom , Nature , Humanity via : Numerology , Planetary Logos Dispositions that are Archetypical and easy to describe intricate concepts Of Nature And Natural Mind 😊🤍*+⚪️ in short verbiage , glyphs , symbols ,   numbers , … God Speake .

I feel the Greys are Us frome a Beginning , in the Cosmic Trenches of Cosmic YinYang Disfunct  , went to actual * Hell here ( Never supposed be’ worse than Hell here on Earth , Affected The Whole Universe … - a Migration from Universal hell doers , archons , devil and satan ,lilith ,   baphomet , lucifer , wannabeez 666 jezebelz Kjv ) And was brought Up by Ashtar ( there are many factions ‘ Of & programs Of , imposters  too ) . And they changed their Godly form to Grey for more protective measures And also categorizing .

** Did Not Write went to “ actual “ hell here !

I have a memory of when I was about 9 , a Caucasian older looking Man with Grey Hair and a formal Space Uniform , kinda of angular geometric shape of Goldenrod across His Chest and Black Trouser  *  unisuit  . He put a needle type of thing in My Navel and then I dont remember anything after that  . This was after I was in a dream state to half way walked to the 2 nd story bathroom window and saw a spaceship And a beam that transferred Me into the spaceship . I believe It was real . When I was about 4 , I think I had memories from before similar because I was trying to put a spoon to My Navel oddly .

* Now Im believing that the unisuit was really a monotone Gray Spacesuit . And The Goldenrod suit described was an implanted memory while texting about Kept on seeing it in My Minds Eye and thinking Am I sure ??, and I wasnt totally while texting . And then prompted to fix that description this Morning  . And now confident I remembered the Plain Spacesuit for sure .

Be very careful with Hypotesism . I don’t Trust anyone that way . You basically give Your own autonomous power And allowing another to program You . Very powerful I have a story about It maybe later .  Anyhow , You should be able to do Your own Will , GoodWiLL !  ⚪️

How come It seems like the ss community seemingly hookyized , discredited , fresh off the boat type of jibe Now ? Most People And Peeps know something odd alien ( not necessarily ref. Ets ) about Everything And Everyone Everywhere nowadays . How come It seems like It  party ‘ propaganda when It zz Not .SeriousLy how come pizzagate and 666 isnt focused on . Max Spiers , Assange , Manning , Dietrich …. Trying to do Disclosure , to Reveal , Revelations 🤍😊🙏🏻⚪️

Oh , seeing a lot of back space Technologies in Real X on Video , Tv , YT , Music … for several Years Nows .  Itz getting beyond E… and cluster f’ed ! I Am Very concern how We are getting out of The Abyss . Apathy , Antipathy , Anti Care to Entropy doesnt help . No GMOed !

Thats interesting Nate , You triggered by poems . I posted two here , The Cosmic Clean And The Autumnal one . Hope they were not triggering in a buggy way .


* Updated

Added Image attached below of initial post on this thread to Nate Grey regarding Queen Poodle …


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Also concerned about Saturn . His protective Asteroid belt disappearing ?? , The Hexagons ?? on His Poles before , And Now He is Pale Yellow , And the hellish NASA radio wave Sounds from His Planet .

And Im having glitches with posting this . I posted It before a few minutes ago however , the Saturn post was removed .




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