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More and more people are coming forward with cases of people having abilities that are just incredible. Some are powerful people doing outrageous things and some are quite weak people having bursts of raw power. If you have seen or experienced anything like this then share below.

Alice, Irish/Greek Heritage, Formorian ancestors and possible ancient alien heritage. Superhuman strength and resistance, hyper aggression.

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I've seen the hypnotism work ' extremely powerful , not even to quit smoking cigarettes is it safe to go under . They can implant a simple phrase without evil intent or agenda and still mess You up ! My Mom sent my Sis n I to a hypnotist when Young  n stupid smoking as teenagers (which didnt last long at All until my 40s is when I really started ) . I couldnt go under (because I didnt trust ) but my Sis apparently did get affected . Because after Years of sending Her plates of food back at the restaurant  , even with our usual weekly Vigil '" meals with our Dad .  We finally figure out why , about 15 Years later - we found the hypnotism tape , we played it back (Her session) with the Doctor saying "and if You dont like that plate of food at the restaurant , send it back " . So no joke , very powerful . That's why I dont Trust too . And I do Self Affirmation Programming , even if I have to look at MySelf in the mirror to make it moreish +*  !

I saw my ExHubby under trance control too several Years ago (with a jezebel situation in our Home ) . His eyes totally glazed over n trance googly ....... and the energy felt like an evil haze , an astral mass , as an Andechrome Hi ' energy .  I felt that also Years after - I notice the Astral Tech several times since to yesterday  even , * this energy feeling is without the actual ingestion of the sheer Offensive evil , andechrome .

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yeah they used a helicopter trip chair on me, when i was 14-16 they used those chairs on me according to skynet, you should see my videos check out my website

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