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in theory i feel a lot of super soldiers are life time learners. i would think that in projects they would be expected to be decent at any given subject. in my case learning seems to be the number one hobby of interest. this may require making a habit of learning something about that area or subject everyday but its possible.

recently i was thinking i should fall back on learning things they can not take away from me. then go from there. what would that look like form me? well basic academics like completing english and math. perhaps it can go into other areas like typing, computer coding, and kung fu. what is an example of things someone can take away?  well for example guitar and all the things you use to play it. also learning code is wonderful but they can take away computers. wanna get into cyber security? they can do away with whats called bug bounty programs and they can even make operating systems for cyber security illegal unless your with the government. want to be a pro athlete? they can take away your equipment and your friends to play with so you have nothing. see what I'm getting at? well i just know i can easily get pen and paper. i also have my health and mobility.

another thing i noticed is in a odd way i think it would be cool to learn anything to do with language. in this case things like math and coding is also a language in a way. a side idea is i remembered a language is also a weapon. its a cool thing to know but i don't really use symbols and languages as a weapon.

in the end i hope you dive into what your looking for.

that is all for now. i thought i would put it out there. perhaps i kind of mentioned learning before but this is a separate idea that should have its own post. have a good one. - eclipse

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

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