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yeah i finally got the chance to do something about a public figure. this post is just going to be notes and one can look up the historical figure on their own.

1. there was a man called the count of saint germain. he was said to be an immortal. furthermore he was said to be a alchemist. only curious thing other then alchemy being his source of immortality is that he had only oatmeal every day. please check before you do any diet because it may not be beneficial. anyway this person was born in about 1691 and was said to be around even in the 1970s. perhaps we dont have extensive chemistry anymore as far as the average person but in my opinion we can still do the sacred secretion alchemy. the microcosmic orbit is related. here is his wiki even thought they claim the guy has passed. was his passing faked? Count of St. Germain - Wikipedia

2. then there is an ascended master called saint germain. could this be the same person? in short ascended masters are someone who when though different vibrations. to the point of becoming like a saint of sorts. the east might say something like a buddha. you get the point. actually the sacred secretion might actually be called ascension and the sacred secretion up the spinal cord might be the physical symptom. im not going to get into ascended masters but here is the wiki St. Germain (Theosophy) - Wikipedia

3. in the history of new orleans there is a man called jaque st germain. who claimed to be the descendent of count saint germain. was he saint germain himself? seems like it depending on your point of view. jaque saint german is now a part of new orleans vampire stories. thats because he was said to famously drink red wine that was actually blood. you can hear about him on youtube or the new orleans vampire tour which they should still be doing on the time of this posting.

well thats it. yeah this person was interesting enough to post about. i even left out some details for whoever wants to look up this stuff on their own. something to think about. stay safe.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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