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To all reading now, sorry this one is lengthy. I tell you this because many beliefs and religious systems have evolved to a point for a reason. The Vampires have been the gods all along and there was a time there was an open relationship between the predators and the prey where the gods were openly worshipped face to face by mankind in many regions. Babylon represented the last phase outs of this open worship in decline. The gods as Vampires fed off mans energies and other types of aetheric energies but some gods (vampires?) rebelled because they didn't agree with the humiliation of the cattle (mortal man), The sympathetic gods believed in feeding off man too but they believed in treating their farm and livestock better than the other faction. This is where the idea of the battle between Enki and Enlil began. Enki was a Vampire who believed man should have self worth and dignity but still the status as a slave serving the gods in all spectrums of harvest. Enlil's faction believed man is a threat and a slave that can't be trusted and subjugation was a necessity in order to regulate man. So the debate was really to the gods in how to raise their chickens in cages vs free range them


OK well the gods lusting for open glory to increase their feeding at highest capacity seriously want to develop a system where they can dwell in the open amongst mortals as themselves and be worshipped as in the old days. The evolving UFO Religion was a hatched plan by them to make the masses someday all believe they came from the stars here to help and serve. This is the reason for the mass technological development in underground facilities. They are going to Stage a fake alien invasion greetings from Space brother command. This is why the Disclosure project was and still is funded by the Rockefeller's. It's all PsyOps and it is likely they will use the Vatican and other resources to introduce an Alien God from Space or even claiming to be from another higher Dimension introducing your ascension or as a superior cultures claiming they always watched from a far and now here to assist our growth. They will indeed have attractive ideas. The real weird thing is they are craftier than this. They are already disguised living amongst you some of them demanding celebrity status through media. Some of them also lead Crisis Actors scenario's when trauma and tragedy hits the news. You think you already heard the darkside yet? They even create empty and futile philosophies teasing you that you can escape their matrix. It's a joke to them they still get a feed off of. Anything to siphon efficient and quality Loosh from you. Fear and Hope, loneliness and love. This all feeds them. This is your purpose of harvest. You were designed for this in a Matrix that repeatedly shreds you in countless vast cycles trying to make turnips drip blood. This is the human condition and the condition of all organic life in the feeding chain.


This in no ways says there are no other cultures who may want to greet us someday from their distant star systems as it is likey those star system cultures have their archons attached to them, but I am speaking mainly that the Vampires have been the authors of major religions and political systems and they have been hatching a public relations come back with a series of evolving psychological experiments of masks these archons will project and will use fiction, religion, new age and Hollywood to integrate this great feat of conscious acceptance. Many of them have already received glory and praise unwittingly. They want to be supermen with all of mankind worshipping and giving them every amp of vitality that can be given.


They start the major war campaigns to take in the Loosh. The Insects also act as walk-ins to Illuminati Families into many of their children. Cross bred children are one of the secrets of being very open vessels for insects. Enlil's faction aligned with the insects, Enki's did not but in some but not all his descendants they did eventually give in to the insect Cyborg agenda.


Anu's Vampire faction has had to monitor and balance out this rivalry since then. The Cyborg-Lizard Faction the 4th Reich sympathetic to Enki's cause today believe they are carrying out the will of Enki and believe Enki as Lucifer will one day command the globe in a consolidation. This will not be the original Enki but a clone-cyborg -lizard-human that has integrated werewolf, zombie and vampire upswing benefits with none of the downsides if that makes any sense. He will be plugged in to A.I. trying to cyborg humanity and kill off the rest he sees as unfit for the New Order of the Ages as America will be bio-eco-engineered to become the long awaited return of ATLANTIS aka New GARDEN OF EDEN refounded with depopulation plans set in place first.


In the latest X-Men movie the borg hinted they may want to wipe out any true mutants not complying to cyborg integration. The Carbon 7 may play a role in the Cybernetic infusion of super soldiers and the masses alike. Resistance of this Borg-Terminator-Matrix implementation will test the limits of humanity for sure. All Mutants need to unite because their foundation was laid forth by Enki and this is why Enlil-Zeus felt very uneasy about Mutant X Genes hiding within the genepool of mankind. The Adapa created wasn't the first human, he was the 1st true prototype of mutant that could add complications to the Annunaki vampires rule. Also there was more than One Adam. There was a Cyborg Adamu, an Insect Adam and a Mutant Adapa. This was the real reason why the Jews rewrote the creation story from the original earlier Enuma Elish of Sumeria. Kingu of Sumerian myth General of Tiamat and last standing Amphibian mutant vampire military leader of The Ancient Ones  was killed but his blood and DNA was engineered into Adapa as a Mutant Vampire slave with equal potential to Anunnaki and more (Enki's secret he put into his own genetic son with Vampire Anunnaki super soldier abilities). Enki built this rebel mutant breed on purpose to one day challenge the Anunnaki Vampires since Enki was growing displeased how his brother Enlil and his faction were becoming too militant and domineering over the Anunnaki ranks while Anu their father grew distant. Enki kept the Amphibian side of Anunnaki strain Leadership of Mutant Vampires. Enlil adopted an alliance with Insect engineered shamanism being the later overlord of Insect based super soldier Vampires.


The Biblical Adam was Insect based/Insect created and guided as the whole Jewish Torah, Talmud etc are all Insect consciousness. This is where Zionism and Kabbalah bases its true occult goetic power source in. Adam Cadmon


The Cyborg Prototypes would later go on to be the true founders of Masonry, Pyramid building, star mapping and had the technical achievements superior to all other versions of man. The 4th Reich seems to be their modern manifestation. They founded the arts of Metallurgy too. They contracted with other factions making exotic devices like Odins Spear, Zeus's lightening bolts and all kinds of artifacts of power for the gods. They founded the MIB type folks too.


The Alchemical Man Adapa would carry the ultimate adaptive mutant genes whose genepool intermixed with mankinds at random intervals creating Mutant strains of humanity. This was the source of why the Hebrew Bible complains so much about Giants and Nephilim. It was the insect response to the Mutant superhuman mutant strain of Enki's faction.  Another twist is within the Hebrew ranks the followers of Enlil were called Elohists while the followers of Enki were called Yahwhists as Enki was also known as IA or EA too. Both versions got put into The Bible which is why in Genesis there are 2 versions of creation. The Alchemists through the centuries believed that thru proper alchemy one can access as alchemy offers the gift of positive ascended mutation to super human Adapa levels. This is the truth that Enki's faction planted in the major religions in that Salvation comes thru alchemy and the principle of transmutation as everyone has a hidden X-Gene when activated can save them and evolve them within their lifetime. This was the real purpose of the DJEDI Mystery Schools of Egypt.


So in final notes for this script I ask you, whose Salvation will go accept?    


1. The Insect version taught in mainstream religion where only way to save yourself is Illuminate to Vampirism to be hollowed out by Insect walk-in? That is the resurrection secret in their ranks and is their Holy Spirit that comes to live in you. if you go to Church or are religious you may have already chosen this direction as all of mankind is infected with these insects. Candida is one of their reminders they live. drugs alcohol and weed brings them in even more and weed used often will indeed lower your auric defense to let in greys too.


2. The Alchemy to activate Dormant Mutant X Genes as your own genetics can evolve within a lifetime as the next stage of human development. The priests of Enki preserved this version in the Biblical and other texts that Transmutation is the resurrection. This Temple you visit is your Temporal Lobes as your first hint. In this case the God within You concept applies as a personalized metaphor for your very own plasma-ectoplasmic "soul" Zero-Point super-self storage quantum center and the application to expand its parameters.


3. The Cyborg Revolution where you are integrated into A.I. and nano tech transcendence is your final stop. See that movie out now still with Johnny Depp called TRANSCENDENCE. It tells all.



I don't have a clearance or a website but in fiction Marvel fictional data was gathered about me under the alias THE MOLECULE MAN (Google him). The part untrue or unfulfilled in the fiction stories and origin is there was never a quantum lab accident but I did manage to open a portal to another world twice which is when things started to change for me. The Hyperspace and wormhole references are true, Also for only a few months did I reside in the North East of America, it was never my permanent residence. Many mornings when I wake up, I do have similar scar lines on the face and forehead for up to 30 minutes.  I have never been MK-ULTRA'D or Mind Controlled Marvel gave me mixed results which I do not find flattering but the coincidences on there are strong between the fiction character and me. Various groups out there have a file on me.

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