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greetings. For some reason i felt like looking up forget me not. he is a mutant with the power of people forgetting about him. Mostly when they look away.  not only that but its hard for targeting systems to lock on to him and hard for cameras to record . Plus professor x had to make a mental reminder that forget me not actually exsists. Which is a reminder that happens every hour. The x -men mansion security has also counted him as a enemy at times since he wasnt on record. ontop of that he is a senior member of the xmen and was there the whole time. So he moves around unoticed. the only way to track him is by objects since the evidence of his activities is still there. what makes him one of the most powerful xmen? Even you forgot he exsisted. I wonder if he is a real person. sometimes i move like im forgotten because i startle people at times. Like one time at work i kept on showing up in the same spot which wasnt my station. like i was a teleporter. My coworker's reaction was " lol, stop it!". Anyway.... i forgot what the topic was. However this post is dedicated to friends who are abuse survivors. especially the avoidant personality. Have a good one. 

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8


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