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hello. if nate doesnt mind i feel like doing a norse collection of videos. im not sure if i did it justice because i can only type in english. i know alot of super soldiers are germanic, celtic, norse, and or native american. if you have any other national origin ideas as far as a collection please leave it in a comment below. thanks.

forging a Viking fire Steele. please dont mind the sales talk at the beginning because the video might get alot to relax.

wolf song - a nordic lulliby

the frozen call - ancient nordic chant

ancient hearding call. its odd this one doesnt have cows like others this artist has.

if i had a heart vikings show

vikings - my mother told me.

vikings - path to valhalla

vikings - axe time

had to include because of my personal milab dreams. ragnarok

how to call a swan. with an ancient hearding  call?

call of victory

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8

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