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360degree of viewing?


Notes on the Drawing:

A rough drawing or compilation of what we are dealing with....

so as far as what i saw, we are all on the ship, we live natively on the other planet with two suns, the origin sour code or Great Spirit code is projected to the ship,

The ship is the station in hyper stasis, meaning it is in time and space all the time

There is a second planet forming as a holographic kinetic frequency, almost like terra-forming a new world, this is called the Event

The frequency beamed onto the earth is a new timeline, though not the only new one, many new ones...people in the ship are working as co creators to create this new time sequence...

The new time line is to override what was once damaged in the Great Flood...lets put it this way, its being corrected. The Flood signified the waters of the mixing of clay and water. Out of the flood came another language, one that was used to override the original.


I have been doing some research and came upon some very interesting information. I have seen that there is basically the information that is currently projected on this earth, the one that we are currently situated or locale based.But location is also to be disputed. In this I would like to propose the following aspects that we must try to view remotely.

The first Aspect is that i saw that all things as it is now on this planet is part of a projected hologram, but this you already are aware of...

the following aspect i want to share is that the projection comes form a point of origin, only not what you think it is. The origin is coming from a ship somewhere in hyperspace and interlinked with a source that sends the impulses to the ship and the ship uses this energy to project outward overlay into this planet. This is because time was set back about 1000 yrs in sequence.

The reason for this is because at a cycle of every 1000 years , there is a re loop with another particular timeline. This creates the Mandela affect, which is by the way only observed because there was made mention of it. so this is good that we have been made aware of this, right?

But in knowing this we also create time slip variants of our memories.

So more simpler, i saw a giant ship, many people all semi plugged into a machine that is organic and bio soul frequency related.

There are people who are currently jacked into a frequency, not entirely like matrix the movie, but the frequency is more related to what needs to be harmonized on this here planet. Or more clearly, we are scripting the verses for this un i verse. So no more I verse but all verse or omniverse, 360degree of viewing?

Think this makes more sense...? thinking about it...

Two streams of time are currently being overlayed and spliced to clear out the other one, we went into this new timeline about a month ago...more or less.

 your thoughts?

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