'They' keep on removing and editing my content by selective posts now?


The last one removed again. No subjected title or post on the ssf public forum, twice. Copy and paste from the initial post yesterday, from a SSF automated email, putting my initial post in ssf "daily digest", see attached) with no link to post on ssf. The one now I'm referring to isn't  the most recent one now posted, with your response on SSF. I'm really needing to know how to deal with this. Anyone???? 

Another post today removed, regarding my account about an attempted 3d contact this morning. A response on Nate's news feed on messenger. This morning after last night's post, Screenshot_20170924-151605asking for help.

This is the initial post on ssf/public forum 9.23.2017 around 6:45 pm.


"Needing help and assistance, very overwhelming in 3d and 4d." (9.23.2017 @6:40pm)

"I posted this on Nate's news thread too (1of 3??). Regarding a hotel mgr. 'playing' ball with me basically:

This is what happened basically: The mgr. very rude to me and he was making a huge fuss, very hostile covert. Singleing me out. Right away when walking into the lobby. He was at the coffee service table towards the back, asking if I was a guest, in a non professional, non cordial manner. Totally treated as an indigent. I showed him my two keys of this hotel, in already my hand. Then he approached me while I was having tea, for my Id. I showed him keys again, he insisted for Id. "Keys on your machine should match the name on room", I said. Nope, he insisted for Id. I showed him my passport. He took off with it, to the desk to look me up. I followed. He asked for the name again, the person on the room and my specific name on the rooms occupants roster. Obviously, not all our names on there. Didnt treat the several casual guest in transit during this time, that way. He also admitted that he saw me yesterday. Way RUDE, in between too. He was asking for my ex's where abouts several times too. Said he was going to call the police because I was making him feel uncomfortable! After he instigated it! He was very tricky with calm covert dialogue, that was cliche' and very hostile. LYING! He said Hilton didn't own this hotel. Mr. Patel on the biz card at the front desk does!
I told him that I was a highly targeted person, he said, "I know". Then I said how do you know, he said, "because you told me". Everything else I said, he disagreed with. It's total police state feeling here. The whole South Bay, I've noticed but especially in Hermosa. And I have Kannabis, which State law allows. Rec just passed but very political. Not legal in Hermosa?? Anyway, I was born in Los Angeles, since the 70's this was a political thing. I feel very threatened here. I don't want to be caged up again in jail or the hospital/incarceration scheme. Very dangerous! Insane! Please help. Very bad in 3d and 4d n d's. Seeing a lot of familiars too. Especially in the last couple of hotels here."

*Wanting advice. SomeOne/s M.I.A.? Can anyone speak out at this time? Sorry for the trouble. ��


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