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hello. what is a post section without tips on manifestation? so i will write this post and update if i find something new. why should you listen to me? well i been playing with it for a bit. a fellow student. also i hear my kind of hybrid soul is not allowed on this kind of planet if they are not decent at co creating. just a rumor though. anyway here is the tips:

1. this is obvious but i will put belief. there is something called the law of mind. saying the mind can influence reality. in fact you can influence a pendulum by concentrating. so intent does need belief in a way. im sure you believe so you are reading this.

2. the push pull idea. hold onto what you would like in your mind. however dont forget to let go! things seem to happen when your not paying attention. especially for beginners.

3. use your feelings! feelings do have a place. so you use your feelings as well as your mind. what does your image in your mind look like? smell like? feel like? sound like? this helps you get into that reality but your feelings is what gives this life.

4. dont forget to day dream. have you day dreamed about having a certain product? the same thing applys here. use your day dreams but it does not have to be with products only.

5. be in the now. the future is not solid. so if you desire something be in the now.

extra note: there is 4 major mind states. 1. beta which is awake. 2. alpha. this is where you day dream. 3. theta. a good meditative state 4. dreams and sleeping. aa training idea is creating in theta or meditation brain state. then i hear you can do this during the day when you get used to it.

these are the basics. also here are some ideas i have heard of - do whats best for you and your nature. even if its extreme like not eating meat. some beings cannot create life by eating death. - perhaps keep your energy work in mind. such as the micro cosmic orbit. also dont forget your practices if you can be a energy vampire. i personally do not feed on living beings. only nature. - gratitude is one of the best prayers. even if its thanking the universe for what you have even if your senses do not see it. - if you use affirmations avoid the negating words for lake of the better word. like the word no or none etc. the mind does not understand that kind of thing. to the mind there is only what is. - careful with subliminals if you use them. however this is a extra point since the ones not involved with programs seem to be well meaning.

that is it for now. you can share anything you manifested in the comments and perhaps how you did that. have a good week.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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