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I would just like to say how appreciative i am for this site. It really makes me feel better when I feel there is something wrong with me or the world around me... I fall back into the "matrix" quite often and get caught up in material things. This site gives me hope, maybe there is a way to come together and spread good, love, selflessness, empathy. The things I see less and less of everyday. I cannot even look at the news or view the yahoo home page, its almost always depressing. The worst part is that it is human nature to be intrigued with these terrible TRUE stories.


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We are seeing people become more of what they really are and sometimes it can be first.  Just keep your focus on the world you want.....i do. And,  go to your "happy place" when things are bad....helps in keeping us positive, higher vibe. 


Nate-  this forum has been able to bring so many of us together that normally wouldn't have connected. I know I have a support group that will be there and understand what I'm going through and even explain some of what I've not known. Thank you all for your contributions and insight. I'm glad you're all there for me.


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Be the change you wish to see in the world..... Marvel

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