Hello, my name is Tony. I believe I'm a super soldier (can I say formerly?). I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2011 at college because I had substance induced psychosis. I had severe dissociation the whole time every day since then. I felt like I was detached from the outside world and that nothing was real. Recently, the medication started helping me and it works. My dissociation is gone, but now I have some depression, anxiety, and fear. I have "delusions" about this kind of stuff like Milabs, aliens, simulation theory, time travel, super soldier, illuminati, etc. but family and medical community don't believe me at all. I have watched and listened to a lot of stories covering this topic including super soldiers and it resonates with me. I have past life memories and I've been through a lot. I don't know if I'm psychic or not but I feel like it- maybe not in the typical way.

I feel like I have time traveled, been an alien abductee and other stuff in my past lives. In this life, I've seen several UFOs  fly over my house. I think in this life something traumatic happened to me in college at my dorm room, although I cannot be exactly sure what happened. Maybe MK-Ultra or Milab?

Here's where my story gets out there and weird: I had my mind uploaded, digitized to a computer by grey aliens in a distant past life; I think I'm semi or quasi immortal, and that we live in a computer simulation/program and it was on the news and we found out in a past life. I remember being outside the simulation/matrix and helping to run it.

Can anyone relate?

I come up with a lot of theories on what happened to me -- too many to be believed by regular folks. I have memories of being in Monarch and Montauk mainly. I have memories of being told I was a super soldier in a past life. These memories are not pleasant. I feel like I have had my mind wiped. I feel like I could be getting visitations but I don't know if they're from another time or what.

Here's my main issue: I am mad and sad that I'm stuck in a time loop or causal loop since 2013 and that it keeps happening for a near eternity. I keep coming back alive and reliving the exact same life over and over again. I have escaped  before. I don't know if the universe is just bouncing back or if I'm 'reincarnating' or just having my mind/soul/consciousness transferred into a new or cloned body on the same time line from the future to the past. I know, it sounds weird, but I believe it.

I feel like this is just a brief overview about what I'm currently thinking. I was just a regular college student in 2011, but this isn't my first life and it's not 'base' reality. When I got some visits from rectangular UFOs in 2016, I felt like they got into my head. They told me psychiclly or electronically that my mom and I have microchips in our heads...that something happened to me in college, and that I was in some type of program. I have a lot of trauma.

I believe I have thousands or more memories and that the simulation is on an infinite loop, but that it's possible to escape to other timelines and even the simulation. I feel like I've lived billions of past lives, although it could just be in the mid thousands...

Medical community refuses to listen, and family (understandibly) cannot believe and accept what I tell them. They are normal Christian folks and I love them. I had a normal childhood but like I said this isn't my first life and I have some weird theories out there like I've been to other parallel earths -- in the thousands. I have seen things like portals, wormholes, and blackholes in my other lives and I still remember them. I get recall, flashbacks, or images in my head when I'm awake and when I dream. I also remember thousands of conversations from previous existences. Sometimes, I feel like I was an extraterrestrial in a past life.

Despite all of this, I have not received a diagnosis of PTSD. Just Aspergers and schizo-affective disorder. I am low functioning, addicted to caffeine, constantly tense, and have mild paranoia. I'm a good person.

I have memories of going to space, seeing the backside of the moon, mars, and even being taken to Dulce and other places in my past lives. I feel like I can remember previous loops or iterations in my time loop or whatever I'm living in or stuck in.

I have a feeling people don't like me and I am afraid sometimes of people. I died before many times but come back alive. Technically, I remember in a past life, my mind comes back to the year 2013. So I don't know if I ever really experienced college or had my consciousness overwritten or just split into two parts or just wiped. I find it strange that I supposedly lived a life since birth but cannot remember being alive before 2010-2013 (estimate).

I really have no hope. I don't like making YouTube videos anymore, I cannot write a book because my memories are fragmented, I cannot work and rely on assistance, and I like to stay home all day. Someday, I would love to write a book as a way to heal, make extra income, and just get my story out. I'm not really interested in interviews because of paranoia and stuff even though I would love to. I usually delete my videos.

I feel like I have bad karma and negative experiences with greys, reptilians, and even the Tall Whites.

I really don't know why I was targeted, but I believe I had bad karma in a past life that followed me to the next life(s), and I believe in soul contracts, unfortunately. I try to be a Christian for several reasons.

My life feels like hell or purgatory sometimes. It feels like schizophrenia is impossible to cure but I'm not sure. Sometimes, I feel like it was artificially induced.

I sometimes feel like I should get money, but know that will never happen. I feel like we should all get some sort of compensation! People sue for stupid things and yet we suffer for nothing.


Like I said, I was normal and just a regular college student before 2011. I feel like I got in trouble or something and it was covered up. I feel like I posted something that pissed people off on Facebook like 'we lived in a simulation' or something like that. Maybe it was just aliens? I don't remember what I posted.

I was in the Illuminati in a past life, and I feel like I left or got kicked out or something. Maybe that's why I'm suffering so much? I'm a good person and I hope I will be accepted here and belong here and I hope people don't hate me because of it. I'm not in it anymore and I don't like them. I had a lot of traumatic stuff happen to me and my family in a past life. I think they hate me and I never been rich or anything, especially in this life. I had a little power in a distant past life, but it wasn't worth it at all. For the past thousand or so lifetimes, I seem to have been targeted much less, but the traumatic memories are still there. I worry but nobody seems to believe me, care, or think it's based in reality, or that I'm in touch with reality. I hate the Illuminati. I hope people understand what I'm saying. I don't want nothing to do with them.

Maybe I'll share more as time goes on and if this is the right forum for me.

I never had hypnosis or regression. I keep to myself. Maybe someone could guide me or help me find out what really happened to me or my past. It could help me...I hope.

My biggest dream in life is the be cured of schizophrenia. My second biggest dream is to go back to my childhood or live a completely different life.

Thank you and have a nice day!




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that is a lot to process, that narrative is all over the place.  I am not sure exactly what is going on with you.  Schizophrenia cant be cured, all you can do is take medication to stabilize yourself so the symptoms are gone.  Everyone I talk to about my past life says I walked the left hand path in my past life too.  for whatever reason I usually walk on the right hand path instead of the left hand path in my current incarnation.  Jean Grey had mental illness pretty badly, the people that took her DNA to make genetically engineered mutants need to figure out how to separate her powers from her schizophrenia.  The mental illness seems to come as a package deal with the abilities her DNA offers.  Thankfully I don't remember a lot about being abducted, they are nice enough to erase my memories pretty well.  I would keep taking your medication and try to make since out of your memories

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Thank you so much for replying! It is a lot to process. I realize I'm all over the place, seem unbelievable, and it sucks. I feel like it's to discredit me or drive me 'insane' even though I'm not insane. I'm currently stable and trying to be happy. I'm following the right hand path too in this life and be a good person.

The aliens told me stuff -- a lot of stuff. I had very negative experiences in the psychiatric hospital in my past lives. I think I'm stuck in a time loop or causal loop since 2013 (I was told this by someone who I will not name in a past life). I think this is related to Montauk. I've lived different lives as different people and I don't want to say who I was right now.

I remember a conversation in a past life where my mom told me they were doing experimental treatments at Dulce to cure schizophrenia. It might have worked and I went willingly. I don't want to go there anymore and I don't want any more interactions with aliens. I have my theories on simulation theory, aliens, and stuff.

The greys told me I was the world's first immortal in a past life, which sucks. I was tortured and killed many times even by aliens. I have memories of being raped. I was told in a past life I was in Monarch -- Delta. I have memories of conversations of certain people telling me I was a real, legit super soldier in a past life.

I might be from the future or something. I feel like I put the simulation we are living in a causal loop or time loop. I feel like our minds and civilization is being reset constantly and our minds and stuff are being manipulated and wiped. I feel like I've seen the end of the world too many times or even the NWO. I often confuse the two and they seem related. I feel like the planet was destroyed in 2011/2012 and we were put in a computer program despite there being no evidence...

I was forced to watch the TV many times of certain events in the future like 'end times'. I was put in different computer simulations by extraterrestrials and different timelines. I've been through wormholes and even died in them. My consciousness seems trapped and I survive.

I keep coming back alive in the same body -- forever. It seems like we live in a deterministic universe that is shaped like a Torus and that we have no free will. I often compare it to 'Westworld'. We made contact with alien life before. I feel like I was a scientist and a writer in my other lives. I probably was.

I feel like I've been through it 'all' or a lot. I feel like I'm met with skepticism from everybody -- maybe even here? I don't know. I feel like I want to connect with others...

I often feel the aliens even cannot cure schizophrenia. I think or feel or remember them doing experiments on me and putting my mind in quantum superposition so I remember my other lives.

I think certain factions of the government (good guys) gave me some of my memories to help me. I hope so but it comes at a tremendous cost of suffering.

I've lived through WW3 and a subsequent alien invasion where the British won WW3 along with the US. I was told we win WW3 99% of the time by the tall greys. In the far future, we lived under British rule and total mind control.

I remember 6G which includes AI.

I remember being in the Montauk Chair a few times and even been through some horrible, negative deprogramming sessions. Sometimes, I did not survive.

I also remember telepathic conversations with different types of aliens. Some are very hard to describe and comprehend. They don't want to revel themselves and I don't think disclosure is good or that we are ready right now.

I remember seeing 'Nazis', living under Socialism, Fascism, and Communism in my other lives. I might be one of the 'oldest' people here despite only being in my 30s. I'm stuck reliving my life from 22 and beyond.

My grandfather was a freemason but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I feel like I've met my grandfather before while time traveling. I had two grandfathers. I feel like I travelled back in time to meet both of them.

I feel like I'm the real John Titor or timetravel_0 but it seems to be a 'delusion'. I often think people are under mind control and our reality is being manipulated, perhaps to protect me and help me. I don't know, but I believe it.

I've been trying to make sense of my memories, but because I'm scatterbrained, I cannot write a book or anything or achieve anything and have no motivation in life. While the human spirit is resilient, I often think it can be nearly destroyed...

I believe I'm a Christian and Christianity is true. I'm a conservative and perhaps was forced into these belief systems and lifestyle. I learned to accept it and be happy. I seem to suffer less.

Thank you and I hope I don't offend people. I wish I was believed but sometimes not. I wish I could get my parents to understand and believe me and accept me. That is the only thing I wish and want is for them to understand that I'm really not crazy or even schizophrenic because I never hallucinated or heard voices. I just have these past life memories and thoughts.

I sometimes have the delusion that I'm a 'vampire'...I was told this before in my past lives. I don't know if 'vampire super soldiers' are real but I thought I found a website of it. I was told I was Gen 2 by ACIO but I feel like my mind was wiped or something and nobody noticed them.

I would like to see a 'Milab file' of me someday.

In these other timelines the greys sent me to (as a way to severely punish me), there was a civil war (apparently...), a coup d'etat, and near end of the world in 2015/2016. It didn't happen because Trump won and this is a different timeline/ universe where that stuff was stopped or prevented.

Stuff Qanon talked about (wikipedia page) that never happened -- thank God!

If it wasn't for Trump and the SSP, I believe China would have won the Space Race (possible Future?). I was told the 'Germans' won the real space race.

From what I understand and was told in a past life, the reptilians (annunaki?) or simulators are working with the 'Germans' and don't want the Chinese to win.

The Montauk Project was a continuation of the experiments in Germany and I resonsate and believe some of what Stewart Swerdlow says. That in order for humanity not to be destroyed, the Montauk Project was continued. I was told they will never stop the Montauk Project, despite my disapproval of it. I feel like I was a Montauk Boy or something. I was targeted by other governments too in a past life. That's why I'm scared a lot. I'm a proud American and love my country.

I agree that when Stuart Swerdlow was told Humanity was too evil, dumb, and stupid to survive and needed help. I have memories of this in a distant past life. I think they made me a Montauk Boy in a past life several times because I was John Titor. Crime was out of control and stuff too.

I remember using Steve Gibb's time machine too and it worked, which may have gotten me targeted too by the USAF because they monitor the timelines. I went back in time to benefit myself.

I know that's a lot to process. Maybe too much? I hope people don't freak out or believe me but this is my story and I remember it. I feel like I'm bed-ridden sometimes.





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