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It's that time againe - My Favorite Month with Autumnal Energy And Charm of Electricity n the Air with Genuineness n Moments of Nature  Smiles of Warmth And Sencerity +* As The Leaves Fall in stiLL Reminding with Vibrancy in The Cascade to Slumber to n with Generations ...... onto n fro ~ Posterity , Comforting !       { * In Natures Perfect Cycle of Life }

Rejoice !!!!!! JoyLove ~ LoveJoy with n in The Harvest n Celebration of A FuLL Bounty ( I See n Know ?? ) to Share with YourSelf in Solace n Nostalgia , maybe Melancholy,  Maybe Malaise of the Past Anewed ( Maybe +* ) with LoveOnes ........ Always More The Merrier to Appreciate And Be Grateful For Too ALong .

There is Harvest And much to be Grateful n Thankful For Now n Forever , Thankfully Humanity N Love Anchored  ! [ Somehow ]

Sloughing n Felling ALL which we Outgrown , that has long past ItSelf in Season ( of ? +*  )
Came n Now Gone , As is WeLL n WeLLer  . Going out in Style In Smiles as Falling ( ? )  Authentic and Genuine Nature N Life is Good  Great N InLove   )))))))))))))

Please Stay Safe And Easy +๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’œ

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