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Are the biggest f**z of Them AL !

They stole My Morning again as Venus , My Medicinal , Money , called Me a Liar , Basically ALLL Of Them there , Intentionally ! Gave Me an empty tube of Kannabis ( 2 Joints in one , all I could afford this moment for 12$ + tax and I gave over 2 $ for the tip , the  same one that help Me before several x s , with nice tips too , the same who actually called Me a thief too , said I could of removed the plastic ... " to the guard . The Manager Totally rude Liar Too .    Called Me the Lie and Liar too . Shop there for about over 1000$ as a Single for about 6 Months to now .

The one down the street also , ended with f*** U ! Very covert overtly ,  as conceited slick . The one down the other street , The Same Gang , and wannabeez Jez. F. U. MachinE! Totally , L , The D , S , B ! I did some Disclosure about in Ssf before .

The black Guard " screaming at Me , after I started yelling at them flF at Me.  bouncing Me off  Physically!  About 6 of them all together. Called from My mobile 4 x s ( screenshot ) before going there , a baphomet' at the front , said It was busy on the phone "  , and the voice mail was full too . Told them at first , Im NOT  the Liar , because I knew they were Not Customer Service!  .... even after " I do Disclosurers on SSF and showed the guard  that on the phone "  , I dont Care " they said . While He said he was supposedly going to help Me . No Rude too ! Obviously the same f.u. s And I dont care about SSF ". Cannabilsm outside  , taking a lot of videos about that here too . Acknowledged the Dead Body smell around Everywhere here too , And basically bragged about It . I told the H , They Are Going To Care " . Verbatimz Indeedz , InKarma ! 3 Guards outside that were hounding Me down , took a Video of . Me yelling f u f**gits U r going to get feD " with Your baphomet Sra InDeedz InKarmaed , Verbatimz to Your Evil Mindz , Not Of Flesh ". ⬜️⚪️🤍

NO Ehp sra mfh 666 Antis !

Nature , Love , Humanity! 💖

Please ALLLL ~  F Those Fs  , to the FeD! Nexus. Matchy Matchy Correctly ALready ! No Gmoed , Ombre Fashoined , Appropriate,  Appropriated ! In Their Onwed InDeedz.

Where are the D And Karma Police ?

~ Pillow Top Rescue Comfort , No Gmoed is The Main Objective! To Be🤍

They are Not Even Secular Business Platform  , just a M F U depot ' ! Basically the empty Vial was more expensive than Me , as a Patron Pov too .

Coexistence And Business , Relys on Respect RuLe of Law to Function. Their Selectivity of Imposing Poser who are Imposters of Themselves  ' Too ! Not Iterarly Genuine Authentic Soul Nature Being And or Beingness At ALLL.  It is falsehood , It doesnt and didnt work for Humanity Platform at Least🤍⚪️⬜️🤍

And somehow the Fs , bent , kinked My Ca  Id Card too in My hands. Totally Rude , Im Only 5 , 1 and half , those dudes were big and Rude! Basically  ALL of Them there! Hijacked Humanity ! ⚪️🤍

Nothing around here , the Food , The K ....



Yous know what is really also buggy '        ( Not Of Nature , Coin or Word ... ) about this hijacking , Its a fancy Store withe Angel Wings too , in attachments . Graphically , Its like they are a Hi tech E machinE with a Heaven logo .. Apparently  , They thought they were. rich ' and affluenza is supposedly the rule and alibi .

I really feel the need to go back there out front of that building with their Rude Mfh guards with a Loud sign. Especially after , I said I want to , probably should !




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🤍⚪️⬜️ The video ( I made several regarding specifically the Cannabilsm in the Area and Vicinity recently ) this Morning  .     I videoed on way to the Store before the Assaut , Attack from them .  Actually infront of the Store , now seeing the video . The smell of Dead Bodies ALL around that particular street and area Too .

The bouncer ' even acknowledged the smell of Cannabilsm ,  on another video of . I think I got , It was mainly yelling at the bouncer ' .

This is a 1: 07 Minute Video about Me commenting about It prior  ... And a Special message about OnLy Veganism at the very end of the video ⬜️⚪️🤍


... now having difficulty posting It here . Let Me try more...

🤍⚪️⬜️ The video ( I made several regarding specifically the Cannabilsm in the Area and Vicinity recently ) this Morning  .     I videoed on way to the Store before the Assaut , Attack from them .  Actually infront of the Store , now seeing the video . The smell of Dead Bodies ALL around that particular street and area Too .

The bouncer ' even acknowledged the smell of Cannabilsm ,  on another video of . I think I got , It was mainly yelling at the bouncer ' .

This is a 1: 07 Minute Video about Me commenting about It prior  ... And a Special message about OnLy Veganism at the very end of the video ⬜️⚪️🤍


Now this is difficult to upload . Let Me try

🤍⬜️⚪️💖... And Now I just found that purchase  , for Definitely was Not there inside My organized and well searched many x s Bag ! And the empty Vial is still there too ! Maybe To Psyops Them there ?? I Dont know but Definitely evil rude !  Kinked My hard plastic Identification Card , And .... TOO! The Same One|s!  ⚪️⬜️🤍


So , trying to upload the 1: 07 minute video regarding the Cannabilsm  , right before I initially went to the Store yesterday  Morning .

The attachement interface here on Ssf ,  thumbnail is different by proxy ( and No 1:07 video ) , including the video is different than the interface proxies on My phone photo files on ssf attachments interface. Fyi

Screenshot of Ssfs  interface . And a screenshot of whats on My photo files thumbnails ( with for sure the said video is on My phone ) . And now My brand new phone of a couple of Months , A Galaxy (  brand New Iphone was sabataged , just like My brand new limited edition Blackberry this Year was stolen , after a couple of Months ) . My phone is now full of storage space , Not able to take more videos ... and I didnt dò that much videoing or photos  prior on a new phone.  🤍

It is looking like Definitely Rapteur is Required ! We Be cant stuck down here as victims in loops! I m scared to think If in a Immortal Body Like that. And Im too scared to check too . There is No way going Backwards stuck in Pain MachinE !

Devil Matrix Control , Karma Police , Logo Police , Engineers , Technicians,  Technology Handled devil | satans Everywhere !  YAY  🙂👋⚪️⬜️🤍

Thank Yous to 911 Recuers , Communications ... Definitely out of The Loop of Vicious ehp sra 666 mfh - H cyclying !

Life Was Taken and Taken for Granted ' ,  We Have To Return Back To Home , Love. Respect RuLe Of Law Affords It !  🤍⚪️🙏⬜️🤍

PeaceLoveJoy for ALLLL Gods FamiLy And Cosmos 🤍💖 ⭐️ ⚪️🌌⬜️ 🤍



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  • Screenshot_20221126-040257_Photos: My photo files interface , press for full view .
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thanks for the posts. i do take a look at your current events. yes places can be a cover. i was in the foster care system so i might have been with pizza gate and maybe exposed to mk ultra. my genesis story involves a house fire when i was 2. i mostly think it was a external accident. even if it was a mk ultra agent but telekinetic ability as a baby was not out of the question if i was that stressed out. yes children are still living in that same office building in the modern day. anyway hope to do well. - eclipse

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

by the way i will say i have raised my vibration by not eating animals. now im going to zero animal products for the most part. switching vibration is the one thing i do. i was born into the average public vibration as i call it. now im here. also going past the super soldier vibe but its not a bad thing. gaining abilities as i increase vibration is just a rumor but we will see what happens. however i have been treated like im in visible and i just show up after i stopped eating animals. i think i can startle those not of a vibrational match in general. you can shake hands of some others of a different vibration but change your vibration and change your world. for example people intentionally bother me less now adays. anyway just supporting things like high vibes and a plant diet. there is still beings here that eat hoomans but i will not get into it. interesting how that area might actually smell of death. lately i was thinking on how my meat eating reality could have been a zombie apocalypse in the future. i see that happening more then other disasters and large scale nuke war. if one stops eating meat they might be out of the realities with horrible end of the world situations.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

page 2. actually i noticed today that kids have supposedly disappeared at Disney properties. they also have tunnels they can use for the agenda if they are not moving basic employees. i personally saw a purple highway sign for disney. purple might be a color symbol for an elite adult who likes kids. i will not share any details but i guess everything bad has happened and it made me upset after i thought of it. anyway... vibrational signature affects me in unusual ways but it might help almost anyone to not eat meat. im also not better then anyone else. thanks for reading.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

Update : So that occured last Month , since instead of Me with billboard sign calling them out , I notice that Angels Wings on the front side of the building were repainted and smaller off to the end of the buildings side ( I think another smaller logo too of. ) , and now a banner in front high on the building saying Its a Kannabis Store. Didnt have that before.

Did that solve , SaLve the ehp sra PAIN machinE ( ?? ) Doesnt appear So still. My FamiLy and I are still in Excommunicated , And Not around for several Years , over 4!

No Gmoed! Chasm Resumed , FuLL CircLe ~ PLease [ SocietaL Is , Society , Civilization , Civilized. Life Is. 💗 ] And Served { And Help God , by also staying Out of His Way too . }

OurSeLves out of The Abyss ~ withe Respect RuLe of Law. NATURES LAW ! Universally The Duh. NO means No - That means NO Evil in The ALLLL   Way ! OnLy of Spectrum Minded    And Mentally . No Foul 666 pz ph doing and makings of sinmore! ◻️⚪️

Freewill ~ Borne Free Under , withe And For Gods Kingdom , Natures! Evergreen Of Nature And Natures PrincipLe , Beings , Space And Spaces. Nuclies Heaven And Humanity Restored! 🤍◻️⚪️🤍


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.... more just went to alternate Kannabis Store h100 within walking distance . Again Fed' ! .. Just went in to get a vape cartridge,  Medicinal.  And the guard told Me several X s to take of My Hoody with My Face showing on camera too ,  My I.D. at the front desk , And 4 others wearing Hats , Caps , some with Masks and Glasses inside the bar. Kicked Me out rudely with the lucifer'mgr.  !

Now debating whether to walk the block further to Liberty , K store again ( the rude guards' there and bent I.d. license and Cannabilsm outside the last visit' .

Was told' to spend extra and get It delivered. Which I dont want to do .


Walking past the Liberty Store ... Geometric large Angle Wings put back on the East side of the building . I cant take a picture because My camera was disabled on My brand new A13       Galaxy phone.  ]  , and now a small logo of the geo Angle Wings on the front   now , the Artist name is Yang " And of Yang (??) , with the banner now lowered. And now the smaller Angle Wings is moved again to more the center on the North side.

Going to get cigarettes pass It.   ....

... " Kanna Bosm " is in both the.Old Testament And New Testament - KJV

I think maybe in Aramaic  , And Sanskrit Scriptures as Well , Medicinally and also Spiritually . Definitely the Chinese have been using Kannabis for Pain releif for about 5 , 6 Thousand Years ago . In KJV mentioned as Incense , Oinment , Balm , and in a Poultice mixture... Alot of mentions of , I wrote some notes . However Not with Me .

In The Book of Enoch [ Not included in King James Version.  ] The Watchers' fall Out of The  L , B , The D , S , The Rebellion" . | were reprimanded because sharing Gods knowledge about The Plant ... Kingdom to Humankind.

+* Also in KJV , Fruits were referred to as  " Meat "   of the Trees , You May Take From except from The AppLe Tree ' .

Basically the red pill '. Obviously OnLy Veganism Is Stated as Food , Medicine , And Spiritual.  🤍 ⬜️ ⚪️ 🦋🌌💗 🌲 ⚪️ ◻️◽️🤍

Solomon  , Davids Temple was Not Of Gods Kingdom , on His Own PLanet 🤍 ALLLLah !

No abuse towards Any Children Of Heaven Here Or Anywhere :  Including Animal Kingdom  , Insect Kingdom , Plant Kingdom , Terra Firmament , Firma | Astarally Too ~ ALLLL

... Including Its '  " 🤍

There Is OnLy One Kingdom  , Natures , Gods PrincipLe !  First cognizant Consciousness of Love Conscience. Borne Free!!!!!!!!!!!

To Be !     Itz Notz A Question !

I Am Being

No pizzagate pain ehp , just H , sra  machinE and criminal Issues ,  No 666 !

🤍⚪️⬜️   ðŸ”³InKarmaed  !   â¬œï¸ 🌌💗🌲◻️⚪️🤍


ReStoration!  Humanity , Heavens , Secular  , World Is World. Nature has No glass ceilings too !  Resonance of      Its " Even!  🤍⚪️⬜️🌲💗🌌◻️◽️⚪️🤍

PeaceLoveJoy ~ Jesus!  😊🤍



A comment I left recently regarding Veganism  .   ðŸŒ²â¬œï¸ðŸ˜ŠðŸ¤


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  • Screenshot_20221225-092842_YouTube: A comment I left regarding Veganism .
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... I forgot to mention also in                  the recent rude guard incident at         the K  store , It was the s guard that gestured ,  dismissed And Out of here hand motion , while the mgr. and I were conversing ( who both seemed they didnt want to serve Me ( a f listed , ganstalked constantly in , on ALLL Dimensions.  As Original Nuclei FamiLy , Natures { Venus was one of My Incarnations , I Am Mother Nature } , Gods PrincipLe And Space , I Am Being }  A US Citizen of Secular , WorLd Is WorLd , And Life [ Gods ]  goes ON , Halcyon On On ..... digress / - they didnt want to serve Me as A Private Citizen ( And Creatrix As ) of This Planet .... And I also did mention the US Constitution ( did some work then too . )  too . The mgr. a l ' ! Zillions of f s everywhere  , With My FamiLy , ALLLLL FamiLy , Original BLood , Of Cosmic Egg ( Gods FamiLy , Only one Nuclei FamiLy ⚪️ )              Pre Primordial Blue*+  Canvas Universe , Natures Heavens Humanity ( Nuclear FamiLy   too ) , As dragged alon s ?? As also a Gnostic Christian Humanitarian For ALLLL Kind too.   ?

* + Where is Pillow Top Rescue Comfort Baseline,  Nicely , Mildly , Gently , Not jabbed just prior , Transcended  , No Morbity . PermanentLy out of the The D , S ! No GMOed Ever | Evered | Nevered | Never Evil ! OnLy of Spectrum [ No Foul.  " ] Karma Control  , And the D , S Matrix Control . Out of The Loop | Abyss of 666 pizzagate pain machinE ?   âšªï¸

~ The Nows , The ALLLLL Truth Shall Set Us Free And  Apart , Chasm , Firmament Providence Firmament Natures Space And PrincipLe  , Resonance of ALLLLL🤍

The Production , The Machine' , The Works , The Job , The Dharma is OnLy And ALways Humanity , Natures  , Heavens , Gods Sustenance Sustained and Supported.  Care giving , maintaining , and provided for.  💗

ALLLL Children Borne Free !

Please correct the Geomancy ! Compass School' Feng Shui !

The Whole Truth Is The Truth !                     Not  AL . ALLLL !  ALLLLL Absolutions Under For And Withe *+  God  ,  His Kingdom!  And His Experience First! THE DUH! He And We havent Lived Our Own Lifes Yet!   :  )))))))))) ⚪️🌝

~  Sovereignty of Natural Procreation * + One Chef ' in The Kitchen ' Dynamic. God Is The Only Tree to be Under . Tree Is Tree , Evergreen 🌲

Quatre ~ Quatra , 🤍YinYang  🤍⚪️🌠💖🌌⬜️💜🤍

No 666 Agenda ! NO MEANS NO !    NO EVIl in The ALLLL Way ! No Duel, Duality !  🤍

I wasnt planning on writing this much.

Stay Safe , PeaceLoveJoy ALways


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