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9DB71AD6-E60C-42C4-8D61-9AF62149B30A… Removed , The new Person s Post , that I Commented on a couple x s . No records of the Post or Comment by Andy ?

Gmail are Not matching up too with the interface on SSF now , apparently .

⚪️🤍And Nate Your Not seeming like Your usual. And Youve havent been responding like You did before on messenger . Are You Okay ? ⚪️

No records of the Post or Comments by Andy ?

Weird login interface for SSF Now too ??Wasnt before , with My mobile I.D. Didnt have to before .

Attached screenshots ( 8 )   Some of the Comments , Texts are as Numerology calculations  , and  the corresponding fragment  screenshots of the actual Comments posted on SSF last night and this morning 🤍⚪️

😊                                                                   💗


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  • 9DB71AD6-E60C-42C4-8D61-9AF62149B30A
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We were chatting(Nate,and me) over Messenger, and when he sent me link to his website, there was some text stuff attached to it, very strange. We speculated that they re either hacked his description on website, because when i sent the link, it popped up exactly the same. Also, it took abit long for him to respond through chat.

Possible MkUltra/RNM test subject since 2016

Nate , I messengered fb as NMWA . The last several x s . You didnt respond as the organic pattern prior. And the Dr. Schoenbalen message was Totally hacked ! On the text thread : the YT videos , online search regarding , And His name changed on the fb msg . thread . You didnt respond to that , and that’s weeks ago . We would fb messenger text sporadically , not too often And You were usually short and plain in response . Generally You would respond . Which I reserved the messenger for that . I know You are really busy too 😊🤍⚪️

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