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this is more of a dicussion post. thats because i have more questions then answers or intuition. warning: this is a post about thinking about effective mass destruction. however... i feel we are not in the rewality of a full zombie apocolypse.

i was thinking on airborn virus. i feel this can be the worst kind when weaponized. we know umbrella is multidimentional. well do they have a airborn virus? yes. its what made the franchise in pop culture. well how effective can a airborn virus be? is it like a gas? perhaps. that will make sense when you consider the gas mask in the resident evil franchise.

im lightweight starting to be interested in virology after this thought. i even started to look up ww1 gas. like how can a virus be a gas? can a gas have propertys like nano tech? how does a gas like virus control others? how far can a gas travel? how fast can a gas and a virus travel? how fast and how many times can a virus mutate? the biggest question is how will be defend against an effective airborn virus? yeah think like how it would be in the movies. maybe it can go through doors, windows, and vents.

anyway how destructive can a airborn virus be? perhaps we breath it in... then we get sick. then we spread it to others. then we have two ways of being infected. can it spread to animals and our water/food? hmm. i guess how far it spreads depends. the oddest thing to think about is a virus that is sentient and learns how to think like an a.i.

the last thought is about a double ended sword. perhaps we can make a city with a controlled atmosphere. in a great culture the air will be great and perhaps it will always be sunny with great weather. however if its used in a culture with horrible elites a city with a atmospher can be a weapon. just lock in the city and gas the population. horrible.

i guess i will end while im ahead. you can write your thoughts on a airborn virus that perhaps acts like a gass. have a good one.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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