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hello. a new group/multidimensional corporation has came up. it is the rainstorm corporation. the umbrella corporation is the parent of all things. umbrella is the one who is famous for viral weaponry. maybe i should not say this but the rainstorm corp was actually the one involved with the 2023 chinese spy balloon. perhaps a reality bleed through. as in a anomaly not originating from this reality. im not sure if they where the only ones involved but im guessing they were not the only group involved with the so called spy balloon. yeah it was more like a potential weapon but im not going to get into why that was. another odd is my network cut out the last time i attempted to edit this.

anyway i will copy and past the information. all the credit goes to the site its pretty well done as far as explaining some things. you can go to for more disclosures. it still works at the time of posting. first i will put the description about the umbrella corp and then about the rainstorm corp. thanks. - eclipse

1. Umbrella Corporation: The Umbrella Corporation was founded in 1876 by Oswell E. Spencer to become the premier leader in chemical, biochemical, and viral research and warfare. Some of their well known viruses include the T-virus, Uroboros, and the Veronica virus. All of which has been featured in the Resident Evil video games as soft disclosure intel. The Umbrella Corporation has also been largely involved with many of the viral outbreaks that have occurred for the last century such as the Spanish Flu, which was the first successful example of a mass biological weapon used in 1918. They also developed and released the Hong Kong flu, Vietnam flu, Asian flu, as well as the most recent Covid-19 pandemic. Their involvement in chemical warfare included the introduction of white phosphorus, Agent Orange, and the less familiar Agent Blue. All of which was used in the Vietnam War by the US army. However upon use on the field, the American leadership was shocked by the severity of the damage that was caused and this made the Americans fearful of it potentially being used on them or anywhere else in the world in the future. As a result, the US leadership shut down the entire project and locked away all assets indefinitely.

2. The Rainstorm Corporation is a subsidiary of the Umbrella Corporation founded in 2021. According to intel, the corporation inherited roughly 10-20% of assets and resources from its parent company Umbrella, while the rest of the corporation was assembled together from a variety of other mega corporations spanning across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, military heavy equipment and defense, and mining. In addition to being a subsidiary of Umbrella, the Rainstorm Corporation was also backed up with heavy assets from the US based Pfizer Inc., China based defense contractor Norinco, the UK’s/ Australia’s Rio Tinto Mining Corporation, and DARPA’s own division 8. The Rainstorm Company’s key objective is focused on developing highly effective standard medicaments based on high efficiency processes around recycling waste produced by humanity worldwide. At least on the surface level, this is how they choose to engineer their public image.

However when you look past the official corporate image, Rain Storm is deeply involved in completely heinous acts and crimes against humanity with their cruel live human experiments. Much like its parent company, Rain Storm is well known for performing inhuman experiments to a sadistic scale on innocent people, mostly homeless individuals, patients from mental asylums, or children from orphanages. They would specifically target loners and outcasts from society who nobody would miss. The corporation would typically target individuals based on specific profiles categories such as race, age, gender, IQ etc.

Many of the human experimentations often involve testing their subjects with next generation miniature technologies such as atto-technologies as well as phemto (Atto- scale of 10x-18 m in size). In addition, large amounts of dangerous biological and chemical compounds were tested on human subjects for biological and chemical warfare applications.

As one can guess, the results of these experiments can conservatively be described as completely disastrous, as much of these chemical and biological compounds have never been tested in our context of existence or reality until then. The results of these experiments would often end in subjects dying in an excruciating and sadistic fashion only to be cremated immediately to neutralize contamination. However this would be considered a best case scenario as the more unfortunate subjects would often undergo monstrous transformations that would require them to be locked away within a high security wing of the D.U.M.B. Facility. In certain situations where researchers figure out how to prolong the survival of the monstrous subjects, they would then be able to continue their research and observations even under such extreme circumstances.

Even despite the lack of overall testing and understanding of long term consequences of these experimental weapons, this has not stopped Rain Storm from deploying them in battlefields across the world since 2021 to devastating effect. Brainwashed scientists within the organization justify their research with the belief that the only way for humanity to truly move forward and evolve is through painful exploration despite the consequences. Their actions truly do espouse the idea “No pain, no gain”.

According to ACIO intel, it is also known that the technology behind the mRNA vaccines commonly seen today were initially introduced to scientists within the Rain Storm Corporation by another E.T. race from another reality where androids were heavily involved in running society. The core technology behind the mRNA vaccines were initially designed for android entities in mind in order to help further enhance their system as opposed to organic humans. For this reason, the modern day mRNA vaccines will never have the intended effect that the original creators intended due to the technology not even being designed for humans to begin with. As a result, this has caused millions across the world to suffer the disastrous side effects that we have seen reported extensively by independent news outlets.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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