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Damascus Collection Mocha Woolly Mammoth Tusk 3" Lockback Knife In this video I show you a really cool street legal knife made out of Mammoth tusks from the ice age, birch wood and Damascus steel. This blade was on sale for $177.60 at the time of purchase by Santa Fe Stoneworks

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@Nate YPX Grey cool knife bro! i always thought a decent damascus blade would be cool.  actually i might have the strictest knife laws in my area. one is a big city. the legal length there is um 2 and a half inches. only micro manual blades can get past. im gonna hopefully get a decent short machete with good steel and atleast try to use it safely and perhaps even learn the responsibility of keeping a good blade. a great company by review is zombie tools. i personally think smaller blades are good tools and im still attracted to them but i dont know anymore. i have the paragon warlock which has good steel and im not sure how i would sell it if i wanted to. my alter is attracted to a stilletto from cold steel. i just know that i want a decent service blade and i chose machete because the laws are under agricultural and hauling a axe or tomahawk may be a pain. have a good one.

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8


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