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Updating you on what Nate has been up to and why he has not uploaded recently. Nate shows off 2 books and 2 pieces of artwork and a Rolex watch. Hopefully the new introduction video will come out soon.

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Doing some research on Vegan Hot Dog recipes trying to come up with My own recipe with the ingredients I have on Hand , and creating different  various Hotdog combinations for My Fb foodblog . Trying Not to Isolate and be subject to Depressed.

Ive been apprehensive to post on the private members Ssf regarding a recent 3d Crazy Mixed and Hostile  Experience (s) over a sequence of 4 Days regarding " Satan  ... The Prince of The Air " Ephesians 2 : 2 KJV too  . Which occured , happened ( ?? ,         Of Spectrum OnLy  ( ? )  starting last Week.


ALLLLPeace , Be Good , OnLy Good 😊🤍

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