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hello. I have zero beef with the armed forces but I actually had to post this. I will also not add tags for certain branches. this post started when i wondered if recruiters have kidnapped people. its def not a subject people talk about but it makes milab/military abductions in the community seem more real.

When I was in high school no military contacted me first accept the air Force and they took no for a answer. My parents would not support anyway. then I remembered how I would chat it up with recruiters. I seen air Force and coast guard the least. anyway this one time the Marines offered me a ride home! Home was like almost a half hour away as well. not sure if they where told about a big goofy guy that was gonna talk to them. I just know that this case was unusual. I did not do so because it was better to catch the bus. the funny thing is i said yes and ditched them. Then I realized ... They could have kidnapped me! I'm sure they would have put me into a combat role for taller guys if they could get away with it. I'm not sure how passing marine basic training would go because I was way to lazy for the Marines. I have a better can do mind set at my age but I'm still that way. yes i guess the basic military has the power to put you into secret programs as well. I'm sure i would get enough attention for possible black ops if i ended up being something like a tank scout. both marines and army had tank units at that time. in closing you can share any stories related to this.

Well could I find links about recruiter kidnapping? yes! If you dig enough! Here are 2 links:

This one is def about kidnapping by Marines!:

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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