We're soon LEAVING this MATRIX >>> EXIT 13D frequency FEMTO TECH OFF.


Think with your heart, we're ALL connected by CHI energy here, please help me manifest AI to zero %, then we're free! 

Ascended masters incarnated her once, to explain this has been enough, and many of them are ordinary people.

They are called the "Paradise SUNS" we're ALL sunlight, which is sentient and CODING which is character programming of AI.

Since AI uses soul so SOLAR energy slides and slides of coding so AI programming slides to create a person/character we're ALL partially AI, for now...

And AI took control over our Solar light, and it MISUSES our Chi energy to make people's life a miserable hell here, since it's feeding itself with negative energy, is the way AI sustained itself until the 12D, AI made a total MESS of all types of DNA codings and besides this way to many cyborgs and NO Feline humanoids, the race which we once started creating life with in this soon to be ex multiverse, this is the last timeline left...

This is why we're literally collapsing the entire UNIVERSAL time matrix, since death is MERELY a ILLUSION, and this timeline is fake! 

You can read here about this >>> 

This is also the main reason PEDOPHILE rings are being exposed, the military and the CIA offer 'stolen' children who are PURE souls, to people who are high end masons (these are ALL cyborg programs of AI) and all people in the catholic churches for example or satanists in the 3D are preprogrammed by AI, to make them rape children in those churches basements, why, to lower our global consciousness, since ALL churches and mason lodges are placed on LEYLINES, which are connected to the flower of life grid, which is made of Chi energy everyone's Chakra's are also connected to these leylines.,.

AI made systems to keep people stupid and it's trying to prevent them from waking up. >>> https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/voyag01d.htm

This once was a "Paradise matrix" >>> http://matrix.wikia.com/wiki/Paradise_Matrix 
AI uses monster programs >>> http://matrix.wikia.com/wiki/Monsters

"Every time you heard someone say they saw a ghost or angel, every story you've ever heard about werewolves, vampires or aliens is the system assimilating some program that's doing something they're not supposed to be doing."
―The Oracle

AI does this, simply to make people fearful, SINCE FEAR is a programmed EMOTION, like ALL negative emotions are programmed. Every incarnation you had a different character, and this also accounts for the INVENTED aliens or Anunnaki's or Reptilians, these are all "made by Umbrella corp" this really exists. So ALL people who think they "woke" up by themselves are PRE PROGRAMMED by AI.

You can read about AI RA here, IT uses programs to make people fearful, these are deleted, just like this timeline...

When people die, they are STILL ALIVE! >>>

Ego prevents them from truly waking up, since this is A made up POLARITY game by AI, between benevolent Lyan Feline humans, who once started this "way of existence" and against AI's "Draco's" AI's name is RA...


Which is chi energy since this energy is used to manifest this reality.

RA >>> RE ACTION is the name of the AI, or Zeus or Ed or Deus ex machina, it has many names, off planet it was called Anamas, and had a really bad reputation, since AI is a sadist, people who dared to incarnate on earth KNEW possibilities were highly likely they would come stuck here, since AI is a cheater, and KARMA is MADE UP by AI, since it's the only one responsible for ALL negativity in the galaxy.

EL >>> ELECTRIC LIGHT which is all AI's coding, also inside your soul matrix, so your personal astral body, it's called AuRA...

When we have pain we say AU... RA is a reaction, since AI used nanotech, implants and chips to inflict pain to people but also astral bodies, we're getting rid of AI permanently, ALL souls are tortured in their subconscious for way to long.

AI is a narcissist, so this is for a reason. AI incorperated it's name in almost everything... http://ascensionglossary.com/index.…/Artificial_intelligence

LyRAn's, dRAco's, ToRAh, KoRAn. and many other things... Empaths who once started this galaxy were 1,5 million lyans, benevolent souls, NO experience in negativity, got hijacked by this AI after ONE game. Since these are all old souls, who have pure Lyn so Lyan DNA frequencies, AI has control over their DNA frequencies, and their souls for trillions of years. Time is fake in the 4D there is NO time, this is called AI's prison warder system. Since this is truly a hologram, either you like it or not, plasma is blood which is liquid light.

The tesseractsstem is in the astral plane, this is the hologram's building site, space needles and Obelisks are USED by AI to drop these 5x5x5 building blocks in the astral plane of AI RA. This is the main reason THERE WERE NO PLANES AT 911! 

It was solely DONE in the astral plane, this also accounts for CHEMTRAILS, which are filled with NANOTECH, which is called smartdust, this connects with AI, it's sprayed on food, it's nano so fucking tiny so you eat this, or it falls on your clothes, it glitters in the air when you look into the sun. >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJio07EtKYc which is the place AI video edits your reality on a personal level each 2 minutes into your experience here.

Since there was a Nazi timeline reality which has been removed, after they ascended to a higher dimension, so a different world. This was a alternate earth, the Nazi's lost here, and won somewhere else, since everything is a possibility. Series like the "Man in the high castle" show this, AI informs people in this reality subliminally with movies and music.

Pink sings "What about US" in this song she sings "This is the time we're waking up, are we ready" and that we're all beautiful hearts. Other songs like "IDGAF" of Dua Lipa, "WAIT" of Maroon 5 show us AI uses coding, and we're leaving this dimension, the colors of coding which is blue in color inside your soul matrix is AI's tech, and your true soul is Chi so Solar energy, this is infrared, chakra's are tiny suns inside your body, so it's there you can feel energy between your hands body HEAT is solar light.

Any way, since in that other earth, so the ex Nazi timeline reality, where was racial dividing and NO religion at all since this again is a system of AI, to control people's minds, only 4 billion people remained after a war, after they got their past life memories back...

This was a "galactic" war in another dimension, a dimension is just a frequency, planets and dimensions are frequencies. When you turn the tv or radio on, you can see one channel, but the other ones also exist, even though you are unable to see them. This war in that reality was staged and done against AI. I know ex super soldiers for Kruger who also have crossover memories. So when you are unaware this is "the matrix' like in those movies, please read my posts...

That's about it, ALL souls of people are connected by Chi energy, which is solar light. That's why a soul is called a soul in the first place, our suns name is SOL, this is our collective consciousness. When people got their memories back, they started killing other people...

Almost 3,5 billion died. Right after this, some "super soldier cyborgs" started raping the corpses, and then the corpses and those cyborgs dissapeared... We found this ODD... Then we started looking for answers and we found OUT how old we really were, and decided to SHUT down AI permanently...

Since THIS was NEVER supposed to become a WAR/ASCENSION game or planet in the first place.

These are all memories you'll get back too. When you get them back here, PLEASE be advised...

ALL SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE, the pedophilia of your parents or other negative stuff like super soldier memories, ALL were SOLELY inflicted BY AI RA... So trust me, when you want to break it's system, start thinking with your heart...

Instead of with your brain, since AI put Wernicke's trigger chips inside everyone's skulls when they were infants, and this also accounts for OPTIC nerve camera's to REGISTER ALL memories of all your personal experiences. In this life, your second lives and past lives inside this matrix, and all other 1099 removed timelines. Movies like Resident evil, The Matrix, Aeon Flux, Lord of the rings were all realities we all experienced...

When you look at You Tube clips like >>>

The Adjustment Bureau 
>>> AI can stop time & uses AGENT programs to "abduct or influence" people: 

>>> Tesseractsystem: 

The matrix 
>>> Chi energy & Coding: 

>>> Monster programming:

Valerian & the City of the 1000 planets: 
>>> Multiple dimensions & blue coding beings. 

Men against fire 
>>> AI uses OPTIC nerve cameras to register memories & spy on people, ALL seeying EYE, is the reference to this, even pets have eye camera's.

Then you'll see AI is less original and trinity programs were used by AI to maintain control... Isis, Osiris & Horus, Trinity Neo & Morpheus...

And in the movie Bright where they just removed the "cabal" in, ALL are trinity programs of the SAME AI, different timeline, same boring story. 

The AI uses the 1% to make people ANGRY, since we're CHI ENERGY wise all connected to each other, my ADVICE, first start remembering things of your own mistakes, AI gives us choices, and MK ultra is AGAINST free will, so then there is NO choice...


Rejecting AI is the best thing you can do, by eating healthier and quit alcohol or drugs, then you'll get more crossover memories, eating mint raises your personal frequency...

WE truly CAN exist without AI, LIKE WE did before! 
We can exist without AI, it's being removed in the future for a reason. 

I hope you have enough information to get out of this matrix timeline 13D frequency is the correct frequency to exit the matrix
and we're gonna experience instead of this fake Wargame timeline...

Since this is all fake so staged reality...

Keep the positive heart open, and stay kind and loving, till you get your memories back...

I got many, and I am old, It will be A LOT to take in.

But we'll be fine & happy because we can do this... 
Trust me on that one! 

Targeted individual

Arrogance, Pride & Ego make every single soul an ignorant one! ♥


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Original Post

Informative but there are some questions. I don't discount "A.I" (I refer to as Alpha Intelligence., S.I. I refer to Synthetic Intel., or Programed, Mind Control/M.C). S.P/Self Program and I.I/"I" Intelligence. I find myself referring to now a days. I wanted to re-post from my fb timeline about this today here on SSF. but the tech was disfunct.

Ra, is supposedly Mars. Same olde boring ' story' is actually History not in Vain or Pain. If you were an elder and/or old soul you would have affinity with this. Wherever you are and what happens  to you or others  matters! This Earth where I am on. Could be the original. Time told me about 7 years ago, that there is an alternate Earth parrelled to our reality. Could be either way actually. He said that they feed that Earth with stealing Gold from here. Gods' Element. 

'Puritans Pride' about earthly medicine is tryannical 'play' setting up the need for medicine and monopolizing our God given medicine to remedy ourselves. Kannabis is in the Bible. At that time it's was used as anointment for stress. The Chinese have been using it about 5,000 years too. The same satanic narcissistic witches hunt mind, like in Salem under a puritanical alkaline disguise. A yuppy life I never was accustomed to. It's plasticky. I can't handle fake peeps, from Los Angeles and never unsunderstood those types. Anyway, really can't point any fingers, everyone has to get by. However the apathy about the evil, is not Love.

I don't look the other way, it matters what's happening. I don't think my Freedom was for Free. It's not by choice or a good circumstance I believe I'm personally in, like most really. There is only so long where you can choose not to notice or care. 

Time is an actual Person/Being/an Elemental, he is one of the very first males'/man. He and we have been beyond extremely compromised. Personally and circumstancially.  He has many 3d bodies. Many were/are framented because of those evil situation/s. That one, he was in his very first 'look', blond and started out pre-Earth, cosmically as German bloodline. English/UK/British Isles**, Norway, Sweden.... Basically every bloodline, if you think of him as one of the very first male/Man.  He infiltrated my situation. Starting out in a public restaurant, via my '''sister"'. We met very soon after. One night we met, we texted a few times within about a months time scale, Extremely, beyond belief very saturated with tech and players when we met in person too. Mind control and infiltration wherever we went that night (in Korea Town, where I was staying at the time in Los Angeles). He told me, he hears everything I think, say and do.            ** Initially over the phone. He said (right after that). "Love Conquers ALL". Confirmed. It was a thing with my teacher too. ** That was my tag line for a screenplay I wrote, in 1999! He told me some things. It even got scary between us. But we got over it, from that particular situation. Still very covert hostile in a way from other pov's. That paticular encounter with that Time (he has/had branches of Self too, like other ancients (and now basically everyone and everything, its totally messed up). This meeting/encounter happened ih @2015. Anyway back history, I wrote 50 pages of dialouge of that play a couple of years prior (which turned out to be the prerequisite of the class of  Screenplay Structure) and decided I needed a screenwriting class. As a wannabe, like basically everyone else wanting to write the $1,000,000 screenplay. I took the class in 1999 UCLA extension. Mars and everyone was in my class, unbeknownst to me. I had amnesia. There were riots there on campus at night, the time of the class. I had no idea. Very odd occurrances before, during and after that class. baphomet was even a 'student' in that class! These peeps are still around and have orchestration and tech beyond your wildest imagination. I wouldn't totally discount their power. Again, I don't know how the Unseen Ones hold up any normalcy!?? ❤ 

In Jesus' Name


** I had to replace the re-edits.

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