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I like the weather...all aspects of it. So working with the weather can be amazing. I learned long ago to ride with the storms....earn their trust. It's very cold up there in the angry clouds but a lot of fun, too.  

The tech used to affect our weather is mostly HAARP and I suspect there is new tech as  I witnessed it today and tonite. 

Several years ago my daughter was just 18 and on the texas coast. I live in ne texas so i was several hours from her. A class 3 hurricane popped up in the gulf and was headed directly for where she was living. So i merged/melded with the storm to calm it down. I didn't know it was HAARP driven.....and it gave me a conscious seizure. You haven't lived until you have one of those! lol I pulled myself back together and worked on the storm and actually reduced it to a tropical storm making my daughter safe and everyone else on the coast. You have to be aware you are merging with tech to avoid the conscious seizures. Or, i do anyway. Never thought about it but maybe something to do with implants. 

This evening several severe storm cells moved thru here. They spawned tornados as they went. We had several here this afternoon. One even passed by the house yet no wind blew...none. and they were everywhere....for hours. It was really odd. I didn't feel like merging with the storms so i did an old gypsy knifing to split the winds. I used 2 on these and they worked beautifully. lol Always do. 

But, i did reach out to the storms.....they were calm.....HAARP driven storms are angry, furious and scared shitless. You have to gain their trust...feel your peace and calm....and they stop obeying the tech that is driving them.  Strange waves....but something created severe anxiety in me before they reached this area. Once the storms hit i was calm. 

I know it wasn't HAARP....i feel it and sometimes hear it coming. Sounds like a repeating wop it's rhythmically beating the air. Multiple tornados begin dropping the second the Wop sounds have passed. 

So the storms felt calm this evening....but the tornados seemed implanted. REally really bizarre.

Forgive my typing...when i stare at something my vision changes and i see into another dimension/timelines, whatever, for about a year now. Anyone else have this? 

If anyone knows about this new tech, new to me...i'm out of the circles pretty much of late, please share. I prefer keeping up with this shit...i don't like them getting ahead. lol i really don't. 

Since 2009 they began taking all my memories. I rarely remember anything from oobs/dreams since that year and i'm not the only one this happened to. I would love to know how they are doing this. I've had the electro shock till the back of my head actually became soft. Fuckers....i don't handle the after effects well either....severe head pain with nausea and vomiting. And, heaven help me when more than one faction uses me in the same nite. Double electro shock to the base of my brain/skull.  I can only walk around and cry when that happens....for about a week. lol but now....i get what seems like watered down versions of it. Able to function, pain seems there but removed. idk if it's less shock or a dif method. 

I"ve had to find this page many times while typing this. lol UP to old tricks again...

Hey Spinler.....Stormm...Nate miss you guys. Carpentering haS taken my life from me. I"m too fucking old for this shit. lol 


I don't know if this post is cohesive enough to make sense.    Trying to share experiences and learn from others. I do jump around at times. IF you have made it this far i figure you got the gist. lol Thanks




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  • tornado 5-29=2019: this is one of the tornados the house
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