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I hope that you register.  I just created this forum and will be working to improve it.  Please give me ideas.  This is the Wiki leaks of the super soldier world


Please watch this short introduction video about the forum.  I its available on YouTube and Vimeo in high quality.  Just choose one and click below

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       I'm always searching for information about Supersoldiers on the net and found your forum which looks most interesting.I'm hoping it's a place where I can share experiences and compare notes with other people who live a secret life of strangeness in the sense of events,dreams,paranormal happenings etc

 So it's not just me then .lol..seriously though,looking forward to reading peoples posts and maybe participating.I feel quite shy at the moment but if someone can explain the very weird dreams I have etc I would be most grateful.


If any of you are interested in being interviewed on my youtube channel feel free to contact me at or though facebook or YPX News

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