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currently i was thinking on what genetics the projects preferred. so this is the rumor...

they like celtic and germanic dna. perhaps they like nordic dna as well but they don't have a strong history of claiming that. perhaps english/anglo types are considered celtic in this case to.  duncan o'finioan claims they like native american backrounds to. why do they choose these? they claim they are more in tune with the source/universe. perhaps what i mentioned has a high percent of hybrids.

as far as blood types they prefer rh neg. they seem to be really big on o negative but they did not go for just that. max spiers talked about different blood types and claimed they each have different abilities. for example o neg supposedly can take in a lot of oxygen. on of my secrets is i might be o negative.

and now you know. a word of caution though. i would delete your dna accounts like ancestor so your info is not leaked. also perhaps take a home blood type test because rumor has it the red cross lies. not sure about the hospital but they may lie to. in my case i was told i was o pos. yeah i will just say o neg is most likely the case. have a good one.

disclaimer: this is not against any ethnicity or blood type. the forum and ideas in general is for everyone.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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