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guess what? Umbrella finally came up with a force field that can actually contain you.... Just kidding friend!  im interested in tech and in my case its a major clue leading to the secret space program. please tell us what kind of tech you remember? All projects are welcome. 

- Eclipse ,  suspected project ibis/ space program/ pizza gate/ and milab. umbrella corp level 08.

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@Nate YPX Grey it does seem like alot of members have mental blocks. Including me It happens 🤷 . i did think of how mental blocks can be a gift. Only example i have is how the mind can suppress a memory. i heard my brother had some. I just dont know where his comes from and not sure how bad my natural suppression is.

- Eclipse ,  suspected project ibis/ space program/ pizza gate/ and milab. umbrella corp level 08.

Memories were blocked  , and can be corrected back into place . I dont get Quantum Physics  , they split you into fragments , and try to make you forget who you are , and pick out your fragmented Selves , Dissed .. ,  gmo,ed and then cross you , with Additionally infecting you with somebody's else  making you worsen , causing Disfuncts  and Disfigurements , Crimes Everywhere  .

Thats why Natural Procreation  , Gods way is the onLy Way . No mk ultra .. , unless the real God needs it .  Its so beyond saturated ehp machine ,          zing zongz and Liar thug hooligans reprobate Everywhere . Somebodys are responsible and will be accountable  , InKarmaed  for what has been done here and Everywhere  problem nowadays  . Thats their only value in this mess , to be InKarmaed , to ShutItDown .

Like Paris Hilton said , even if you dont remember totally  , you Body does somehow . Im Empathy  , and very Intuitive , I do , even though I dont have total recall memories .

The YinYang Harmony Balance dynamic right Nows is required  ,     n.o. a.r.c.h.o.n.s. ruled Evered , Operative state of Existences of Existence  . WHO IS PROTECTING THEM AND PUTTING US IN THEIR MIND SCAPES OF OURSELVES , JUST STOP . Those jezebel jezoz archonconmen troll Monsters  are predatorory parasitic narcissist  cannibals , evil . Bathory , baphomet  , satan ,  lillith  , sedna , samayaza ,  hera .. with azael , who is Gods enemy in KJV  , who is actually jezebel too , a guy who is of women appearances as jezebel jezoz  , not of flesh , kjv , however with ours , affecting ALLL Creation and Universe , Gods ... YinYang Harmony Balance  dynamic . Jezoz 666 agenda machine infecting with their groupie of evils lucifer ,  ketu , south node .... with contemporary technology  . There is Human corspe smell in residential houses garbage cans on the street , in OUR hoods and Lives .  Is that supposed to be normal or something , ive been noticing that in several places  for a few Years  now . Veganism is a requirement too , FYI-ING  . Ehp machine has to be eliminated  . No 666 sex sex sex.  agenda  , anti , the antis .

YangYin YinYang  Love ❤  Conquered ALLL  , Invictus  Amore Admoramas  Admoramas Invictus Amore .                Ring , Humanity is onLy served .

PerpetualPeaceLove ForeverInfinity

Update ..

I added more to this , fyi ing


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