Until recently, I was not aware that behaviour modification was a cia program.  Thank you for explaining about the wilderness programs.  Sadly there seems to be a various spectrum of behaviour mod. programs peppered throughout government agencies (internationally), that have launched over the course of time.  Tactics used depend on the targeted group.

In my former line of work (years ago with autistic adults), it was mandatory  for staff to attend behaviour mod. training & implement certain techniques, along with administration of medication to clients.  As program supervisors, we were led to believe that these methods were the most conducive  .... and intended to replace  practices (mk ultra) formerly used by institutions such as Valley View, and Weyburn mental hospitals  of Saskatchewan. 

We had learned that people were being admitted into institutions against their will, many falsely diagnosed with a mental deficit . 

My former employer ( program director), an intelligent woman with a slight cerebral palsy, had spent her entire childhood at Valley View.


Several years prior to my employment with this government organization, I had a friend who was on maternity leave from her work as a social worker.  She explained  a "holding technique"  as part of her behaviour mod practice.  She and her co-workers were instructed to use a "straight jacket hold" on clients/children who displayed extreme behaviour, such as a tantrum, until they stopped the behaviour.  



It's so funny you mention these behavior modification programs. I spent a year at one from the age of 15-16. I never thought I'd survive to make it out. I have recently been questioning my fathers motivations for sending me there. I was never given a name for who told him to send me. Just "a woman he worked with" ... then when my best friend's mother saw the letters I'd mailed home about the abuse taking place and she went was trying to get me out the "elders" at the cult (Kindom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses) flat out told her to shut up or she'd find trouble. What skin did they have in the game?! Those "elders" were creeps and perverts, and after I was abducted and locked up there (Tranquility Bay 2, in Jamaica... a WWASP program) my family set me up with a 21 year old man who was high ranking in the relgion. I was 16 years old. He pressured me into sex after a month+ of me telling him I didn't want to. He also anally raped me when I told him no. The "elders" sat me down in a private room (keep in mind they'd known me since I was a little one, and they'd only known him for about 6 months), anyway, they sat me down in a private room, my father sitting next to me, and proceeded to read scriptures from the bible indicating that because I was a woman (16) I had seduced him. My father just sat there silent. Not a bone in his body interested in defending me as they covered up what had happened. They then proceeded to interrupt the congregation's service to publicly announce that no one should associate with me because I was "bad association" ... The high ranking rapist was "privately reproved" with no announcement made publicly about what he had done. This was one of many instances in which I was abused or mistreated in which my father showed zero natural "fatherly protective instinct" of his daughter... of course he abused me as well.
Getting back to "The Program" (that's what it was called by the facilitators of that nightmare of a place), I started wondering if it was really a coincidence that I ended up going through yet another stage of trauma programming (the first that I have a memory of was around 3, then I have another memory again at 5... both of which were horrific, and I only have pieces of memories of them... I have another memory from 3 and while it was really bizarre and involved 3 men in suits taking me out of my room in the night through the wall, I don't specifically recall any trauma, but in my 20's had an "ah ha" moment when I recognized the things I saw as being related to the Freemasons (white pillars, checkerboard floors, deep red velvet curtains, etc)... that memory and the horrific one at 5 I've always remembered... the other horrific one at 3 came back to me at 18 when I was  breaking the joints on chicken I was preparing for dinner and it triggered them memory and it was so disturbing I freaked out and instantly suppressed part of the memory.
I'm rambling, I apologize, but I'm really interested to hear someone else making a connection between these "behavior modification programing centers" and all of this. I wasn't sure if it was just yet another random unfortunate trauma event or if it was not as random as I've always thought. Seems I'm not the only one asking that question.

I have a new one about running away from sage walk


This is the Story of me running from my wilderness therapy program Sage Walk, Sage Walk was shut down in 2009 for hiking a 17 year old boy to death. I was there around 2004 and I have many videos about it including this one. If you have been to a wilderness program please leave comments and contact me about it, especially if you want to be interviewed at nateypxgrey@me.com or www.YPXNews.com using the contact form

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