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greetings to you. the delta strain of the covrona is inn mynstate. thats not a good thing since my state is not valued as a lab like the coast is. i will keep my points short at to the point if i use bullet points.

- i suggest leaving this timeline. however you personally do it. like switching your vibration, powers like time traveling, or increasing your ability to influence/manifest your life by absorbing prana.

- operation lockstep. i wont post a link here but there seems to be plans in the rockafeller document. plans to evolve the world into a increasing one world order. its called operation lockstep. it was most likely only an illusion if restrictions eased up on your state. we will see how things unfold in the next few years. unfortunetly they may want us to stayninside. like the theory of slowly boiling a live frog. one can look up operation lockstep. especially on bases project.

- the possibility of haveing a worse virus. first of all the worst virus is the one that mutats. now imagen having nano tech in virus infection and or the vaccine. i will stay away from the vaccine topic but there is a chance that covrona is a testing ground for a virus that is more nasty. i hope  a nasty virus does not bleed into this timeline. umbrella even has the veronica virus in exsistance. i would never want to see that employed in any reality.

- some in the community dont wanna hear the word sorry. however my condolences to the community about covid. no matter who is responsible for this accident. i most likely have expiriencd the control of umbrella and i lost a brother in law to covid complications. so just wanna say that.

thats all my thoughts for now. stay safe. p.s. i do wish i had the powers and martial ability of project alice from resident evil. plus healing factor. however i seem to be human in my former soldier state. have a good one.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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