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michael j spinler. 

mk ultra.


call sign "blackbird."

badge delta 44.


Age 6 put in oak haven.

a school in the back woods of coventry rhode island.

daily we were sat down and told to draw. given a paper and pencil.

always angry.

mainly drawing faces.

talented for the age. almost perfect.

but in the same breath, each day we would be taken out, dragged by our arms to the next room, thrown on the floor and sat on for hours, told to calm down and we would be let go. but for hours even if calm we were sat on and threatened with violence and police. and dogs. every so often, we would not be taken back into the previous room, but rather we were brough accross the hall and put into a white room. one only. the room was white brick with a steel door and a blu matt on the floor. one day i kicked out the bottom bricks and ran, hid between 2 printers near the front office and when my mom came i ran and told her it all. but she didnt believe me. i was put back in the class, and a few months later one of the teachers from the class strangled me so i broke their cheek bone. at age 7. 60lbs with bone breaking force.





True evil comes with many faces.

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