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Update to 8 | 5 | 23

Post regarding the Christians , Clergymen ...  now some released.      A screenshot of another video from CBN News Online Published Today .

Some still there Not Okay , Situationals Until Immediately  Okayed ,  As with Everyones And    The ALLLLVerse Too πŸ€πŸ™πŸ©·



I dont know much about this , I saw the just online published video on My feed. After I posted this lastnight the video was removed. This Morning wasnt easy to find.

They are asking for Peoples who have ability to say and do something [ Like Writing the Embassys ... I think As Organized , Safer and Supported too . Also Supporting Law Enforcement Officers too , Served Organized , out of the way , however Supporting and spotting . ] These Christians were locked , Imprisioned without any Legal proceedings , some for 19   Years !   The initial 2 Pastors held captive ( for 7,000 Days' ) Apparently , Not of the 13 who were just released.

ThanksGivings  , Good Is                     Of Spectrum OnLy  , OneπŸ€πŸ™πŸ’—

The Video description in the attachments.

Update :  I just saw the picture of the prison.

πŸ€πŸ’œ You ALLLLs Praying for Rapture Kjv , Rapteur, Please Rapture PermanentLy Out of the Abyss " of The D , S !  Matrix Control , Neutralized And Eradicated E!  An image of the Horriffic looking Prison. There are Everywhere what Can be Done ~ To instigate Anti Ehp Sra 666 H ISRequirementz' maxhinE , Systematically ??? NO PST , PLEASE RESCUE WHOLYISTICALLY πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ€ Thank YousπŸ’œπŸ€



ALLLL Due Care , Ian K Curtis



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